Cult Nails Haul

Photos from this haul have been sitting in my camera roll almost a month now and I never realised it. I finally came  around to go through the photos and decided no matter how old these photos are they deserve to be on the blog! Here goes!
I got these polishes back in August when Maria was having her birthday sale at Cult Nails. Seeing that the polishes have been discounted to $7 and there were limited edition shades I knew I was gonna splurge on these little pretties.
The damage:
12 bottles of polishes!
Top row (L-R) I Got Distracted, Hypnotoze me, Baker, Mazo, Cruising Nude and Tulum
Bottom Row (L-R) Enticing, Scandalous, Captivated, Seduction, Let Me Fly and Manipulative
Do not ask me why I do not have any bottles of Wicked fast here. I am asking myself the same question right now seeing that my current bottle only has 20% left!
I have actually used Baker, I Got Distracted and Enticing so far and I am impressed! Will post them up soon đŸ™‚
Owh yea, I also noticed that there were different labels on the burritos. B&W and color aside, you can see that the little ‘Maria’ stands differently on both labels. How cute right?