: Part 2

Remember I was talking about the Free Second Day COD option at Zalora? Well, they did good on this. I received my package the second day before 10am. BEFORE 10AM! I am really really impressed!!

The packaging was super big for just one polish I was good and did not buy more 😀 but I didn’t mind as this was COD. They even included a RM10 cash voucher to be used on a food delivery site.

Here are a few shots of the polish I got!
(Please do ignore my stained nails!)
I got Aegen Blue which is a pastel blue polish with shimmer in it. I don’t know if i should call this a pastel blue shimmer or a frosty blue color :\
I did open this polish just for the fun of it and the usual chemical smell was not there! *win* It did seem a little watery though but we’ll see when I do use it. I will have a swatch of this posted up ASAP!
Advertisements : Part 1

Advertising is annoying but surprisingly VERY effective!
For the past few months the radio has been playing this advertisement for this online shopping hub day in day out, sometimes twice an hour! is the name that eventually got stuck in my head. I obviously got curious and had to hop on by to check out what this Zalora was all about!
Zalora in Malaysia is pretty much like Zappos in the US, a mini version of Zappos. The most attractive part of Zalora’s marketing to me is their 30-day return policy and free shipping on ALL orders. To my knowledge, there is no merchant in Malaysia which allows returns. Not even big departmental stores.
Finally I caved and went Zalora for some ‘window shopping’ last month. Honestly, for such a new company I was impressed at the range they have at Zalora. There are stuff for men, women and kids ranging from clothing to shoes to makeup and NAIL POLISH!!
There was only 3 brands on Zalora – Aqmore, Lioele and Koji Honpo Dolly Wink – all of which I do not know of. Of the three the most interesting brand for me was Aqmore. They claim to be a (purified) water based polish and it peels off!
So off I went and placed my order at 4.25pm. My choice of delivery – COD. Hoho! It seems that if I ordered before 4.30pm my order would be eligible for a 2nd day delivery. I didn’t know if I qualified because, well, 4.25pm.
Stay tuned tomorrow for my adventure with Zalora!