Merdeka Nails

Happy Friday!
It is a holiday here in Malaysia. It is our Hari Merdeka a.k.a National Day today! 55th National day to be exact! To celebrate this day, I have decided to do a mani based on the Malaysian flag, or more fondly known in Malaysia as the Jalur Gemilang. Looks familiar??
YES! The Malaysian flag does resemble the American flag quite a bit. If you are curious about the meanings behind the elements on the flag click THIS link for more information.
On to the nails!
I have chosen some really pretty colors from Cult Nails for this mani. And – yup! – I decided to do a tape mani again. I picked inspiration from Sophie’s (My Awesome Beauty) little tutorial here. It’s funny how the colors I used are actually quite similar to Sophie’s. Hers is more pastel-y and mine brighter.
My picks for this mani was – Cult Nails Evil Queen (red), Time Traveler (blue), Feel Me Up (yellow) and OPI Alpine Snow for the white.
artificial light
Time Traveler and Evil Queen were both really hard to photograph! The colors seemed to come out really really dark on the nails than in real life. The only way to get the colors as close to as it is IRL is to use flash as seen below.
with flash
Or if I put my hand reeaaaaaaally close to the light above my headboard.
artificial light

One more for the go!

airtificial light

The blue of this mani turned up a little dark for my taste and I wanted to lightened it up. And of course, I couldn’t resist adding some glitter to it! With no hesitation, I looked into my polish collection and pulled out Rainbow Honey’s Mare of the Moon!

indirect sunlight

All I did was a thin coat on my nails. If you look closely, I only have 2 bits of glitter in this mani. It was intentional of course! I made sure I swiped off the moons and stars before each coat. If I did not I would have had at least 3 stars in these photos!

direct sunlight
Before I leave you, here is a last photo of my claw overlooking the pool at my condo!
in the shade
Have a great weekend everyone!

From the Vault: Tape Mani – Fail

I always pain my nails at night before I head to bed. Most times I start at about 11pm and don’t finished until 1am because of my indecision. Tonight was one of those nights.
I wanted to do a funky french with a the striping tape I bought recently. But *alas* it was not meant to be 😦
I painted my nails in Revlon’s Opulent Pink and prepped them with striping tape. The striping tape I used was kinda different from the one’s I see on other nail blogs. For one, it wasn’t metallic and it wasn’t a solid colour either. It was a black paper base with hot pink stripes going through it.
I now think that they look quite unique here. The black-pink tape actually goes very well with this polish.
Why oh why wasn’t I aware of this earlier?
I should have just snipped the tape to size, applied top coat and jump into bed and sleep. But, noooo, I had to complete what I envisioned! And thus – a really odd manicure was born!
The yellow I used was China Glaze Lemon Fizz. China Glaze was the most logical choice for me because so far they’ve all been rather opaque on the first coat. But somehow this time it didn’t work out for me. I needed to use 2 coats on them. And they were quick thick at that! I really wasn’t thinking straight. When it came to removing the tape, the yellow smudged, went under the tape and some even came off with the tape. I couldn’t think of any ways to salvage it *sigh*
Needless to say I only wore this manicure long enough to take some photos and off they came.
Check back tomorrow for the manicure that I eventually did. I promise it isn’t half as disastrous as this was.

Matte Love

SH’s Sun Kissed is wearing surprisingly well! Even after 4 days there was hardly any tip wear. I usually change my mani every 3 or 4 days but seeing how nicely this mani is holding up I decided to spruce it up one more time. This time with a matte top coat. And I am totally loving what I’m looking at!


My little bottle of magic is China Glaze’s Matte Magic. I actually got the mini (9.6ml) bottle because I was scared I wouldn’t like it. How wrong I was then!


My right hand actually looks better with the matte top coat if you ask me. The other colours seemed more muted which went well with the yellow on my middle finger.



The 3D effect from not using a regular shiny top coat is still apparent with the matte top coat 😀

Gradient dots!

I loved my orange manicure but I thought it could use a little pick me up. In my mind I was thinking to do some stamping, preferably with greens and yellows. But after 10 minutes of trying to get a decent transfer from the stamping plate I gave up and resorted to dotting instead.

Since I already taken out a few polishes for stamping I decided to use all of them! and the best way I could think of was to do some gradients. I tried my very best to keep them in line but as soon as I started on the second colour the lines were already tilted. But I still *love* how it all turned out. It made my fingernails seem longer than they actually are!

I did not use a top coat over the polka dots in these photos because I liked how the dots created little bumps on my nails.



My poor bottle of Seche Vite is starting to lose it’s label!

On my right hand i decided to do a different sort of gradient. Instead of having it all on one nail I did the gradient across my fingers. I was a little disappointed with my middle finger. The yellow did not pop as much as the others and somewhat ‘melted’ into the base colour. Here is a photo of my right hand. Do excuse the awkward pose and the dry cuticles.


More polka dot spam! (of my left hand of course)




The colours I used for the polka dots.



My tootsies!

Painted blue and yellow because I thought of a friend while thinking of what to do for my pedicure. These colors are the colors of my friends cheerleading them – Hot Shots!

Instead of just polishing my toes blue or yellow, I decided to paint them randomly and polka dot some the blue toes with yellow dots. Only after i finished polishing all 10 toes did I realize that I actually did the invert of the colors on each foot. I guess my unconscious mind likes symmetry!


Colors used here are OPI Need Sunglasses and No Room for the Blues

Dotty Fun!

Last week was a really hectic week so I decided to do a special mani to brighten up my week! After lunch picking and choosing I decided to do a polka dotted mani. Not the regular kind but a multi colored dotted one! I used yellow, green, blue, pink and orange on a base of white ( OPI Alpine Snow).

Look how pretty they are now!




Top (L-R) : Need Sunglasses, Green-wich Village, No Room for the Blues
Bottom (L-R) : Flower-to-Flower, Flit a bit


And this is my Right hand. The dots here are less delicate and somewhat smudge but I think I like this version of it better 🙂