Pink, White and Blue!

This is an old manicure which I never came around to post because the photos aren’t as awesome as I would like them to be.
This was a super early attempt of a skittlette mani which I did. I did not include any glitterbomb accent nail but I like it all the same 🙂
I love Cotton Candy very much and always wanted to wear it again but with all the new polishes I keep getting in the mail, it was kinda forgotten. I finally took this baby out and told myself – you must use this polish NOW! With that in mind I quickly picked out 2 the blue and pink to play off the glitters in Cotton Candy.

I think the combination, though a little simple, is still really cool. From far, many people have asked how I dotted the blue and pink on the white! LOL

And finally, the finger where Cotton Candy applied the best – my right thumb!

I used:
Cotton Candy by 365 Days of Color
No Room for the Blues by OPI
It’s Hot Pink by OPI

Christmas Skittletes!

I finally found time to sit down and write this post! It was a really busy Christmas for me! I had so much to eat I think I would need to go on a diet after this. LOL.
Anyways, I do hope all you girls had a great Christmas with your families 🙂
I am sure you have noticed this manicure from a few days ago! The inspiration for this monotonous manicure was from Marta form Chit Chat Nails. She always posts the most interesting skittlete manicure which I love. A few weeks back, Marta had a Skittelete Manicure Contest so I decided to try my luck with this!
I took me a long time to decide what skittlette to do but I finally decided that I wanted to incorporate the new polish I got from my Glitzology Haul – Robots in Love.
I first painted  coat of Color Club Harp on It and topped it off with one coat of  Robots in Love to bring out the holo goodness in Robots in Love. I even managed to get a heart out for this!
I then proceeded to paint my thumb, index and middle finger with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and, to avoid it looking to stark white, I topped it off with OPI Pirouette My Whistle.
This was a competition held before Christmas so I thought it would be nice to have a little Christmas Tree incorporated in it. So I did that with a nice grey – Zoya Dove – and some striping tape. I topped the litle Christmas tree off with a holographic star I fished out from Robots in Love. 2 quick coats of OPI Black Onyx on my pinky and I was good to go!
And while I was taking photos of it, I realised that I did an Ombre manicure! Ha!

Well, I did not win a prize in the Skittlette Contest but I sure did have fun coming up with the manicure. You should check out all the awesome entries and see if your favorites won!

The polishes I used were:

OPI Alpine Snow

OPI Black Onyx

OPI Pirouette my Whistle

Color Club Harp on It

Glitzology Robots in Love

Zoya Dove

Candy Canes Again!

I showed you my right hand yesterday and now I am back to show you my left hand.
I am not one to always have both hands an exact match for each other. In fact, most of the time they do not match in design but the colors are often the same few polishes. Today is the day where they are similar in design but in different colors! — Yay for striping tape!
I started off with the same base color (OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu) and this time used 2 different greens to create this look. I used ulta3 mojito and Cult Nails Feeling Froggy for my accent nail.
I love how for both the polishes the color seems way different than I expected them to be! mojito turned out to be lighter and more neon than I expected and Feeling Froggy, well, this one was a good surprise to me. I was expecting Feeling Froggy to be quite light and thin because of it’s jelly-ish properties but it really was this nice Christmas-sy green which popped against the white base.
I placed the striping tape differently this time and left less white space in the design. What do you think of it? Just in case you don’t remember, here are both my hands side by side 🙂

Candy Canes!

I finally got time to make me some Candy Canes! The ones that make your hands look awesomely pretty. LOL!
I started off with 3 coats of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu Stuck on some striping tape and topped it off with one coat of OPI Big Apple Red. It was a fairly easy manicure as long as you are patient and careful!
To make the thicker white areas, I placed 2 striping tapes next to each other and painted over it. But I think I did not place them close enough and some red polish seeped through and left small red lines in my design.
Red is one of the most challenging color to photograph if you ask me! Often times it would turn out far from what it is in my photographs! Just look at the 4 photos below! It’s just like magic. Haha!

After about 8 hours of wear, I thought that my accent nail was kinda boring and decided to add some stripes in gold to it!

What do you think, gold or no gold?

Cookies and Cream Take Two!

Hello!! Welcome back!
I’m a little cuckoo recently from work and holidays and falling sick. 😦
Anyways, as I promised yesterday, here is my jazzed up Cookies and Cream! I decided to bring out the black glitters in the polish wish a quick tape mani with OPIs Black Onyx.

I thought this added an edge to the innocence of just Cookies and Cream alone.

On my right hand I decided to add the black to the tips instead of the other way around! Yea, I did not use Cookies and Cream on this hand because when I showed my mom yesterdays mani, she did not even notice that there was any black glitters. I also love mismatched nails every now and then. 😛

I love how these two manicures, though the difference is so slight has such different looks to it! What do you think? Would you walk around with mis-matched manicures on your hands?

The Hungry Asian – Cookies and Cream

I have a really quick post for you lovely ladies today!
I have Cookies and Cream from the Hungry Asian today! Cookies and Cream is a white milky base with a dash of fine black glitter in it.
I have always loved Kae’s (the lovely lady behind The Hungry Asian) creations and have been eyeing this polish as well as Strawberry since I first found out about her. Both these colors were out of stock for quite some time before I grabbed them and I do not regret it at all!
Don’t judge, but to be honest, I also made sure I grabbed this polish, even though all I could get that time was a mini, because it really does remind me of Cookies and Cream ice cream – one of my all time favorite ice creams! 😛

I have some nail art in my mind to spice up this manicure. Come on by tomorrow to see what I have up my sleeves 🙂

P/s: I wore 2 coats of Cookies and Cream over 2 coats of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu

Birthday Nails!!

I decided to go super cutesy for my birthday! My polish of choice is Funfetti by Sunny from 365 Days of Color!
I got this color recently. Right after my no buy actually! I am really surprised that this polish came to me just in time for my birthday! *big smiles!*
I always loved this color but never brought myself to get it because it had bar glitter in it. I am not a big fan of bar glitter so I would avoid it whenever I can. But this polish I have in my hand is a new formulation of Funfetti! This has all the same glitters in it minus the bars. How perfect is that for me right?!
Anyways, the photos below are 3 coats of Funfetti on it’s on. It went on quite smoothly and the glitter came out easily. No need for fishing for glitter here! 

Do you notice any difference in my photos today??

Do you see it now??

The first photo is taken in the shade under indirect sunlight and the second photo was taken in my boyfriends house under this new standing light that they have! I was alone in the hall and had nothing to do so I just switched it on and took some photos. To my surprise the photos came out lovely! Way better than usually do in fact! Maybe I should save up and get one of these lamps as well.. Hmm.. Have to go find out the price of it first.

I love the variety of this polish. None of my fingers looks the same. Of course I had a favourite!

My favorite nail from this mani – my middle finger! With the two square glitters, it really stands out. Like an accidental accent nail!

And as usual, my left hand with a lot more glitters! The ring finger has a huge brown hex glitter as an ‘accent’ again.

One more photo for the road!
*I am so in love with this lighting!*