Skittles Updated!

So yesterday I popped by Sephora just to have a look-see and found this nice dark teal polish from the Sephora mini nail polish rack. It was a very rich vampy color and went with my nails very well that day. I held on to it for a minute of two and even put it in my basket. But alas, at RM21 for a small bottle I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

Though I did not buy it, I had a go at it and I am impressed! The polish although a little on the thick side, covered nicely in just one coat. The brush on the bottle was also really easy to use. All I did was swipe the polish on in one stroke on my pinky and the whole nail was covered. 

I am curious why these Sephora polishes aren’t that popular in the nail blogging community. I wouldn’t mind picking up a few only if it’s on sale. RM21 (~USD7) is just too far from my budget for a mini bottle of polish.

Smitten Polish – Glass Elevator

I really really love my last order from Llarowe. Another lemming down! Wahoo! 
Glass Elevator by Smitten Polish has been on my radar since the day it launched. It is packed with different sizes of matte teal and light blue glitters suspended in a white very pale aqua milky base.

I wanted to bring out the teals and blues in this polish so I paired it up with a nice light blue – Cult Nails Manipulative.
And to top it off and create a skittlette manicure, I stuck a little gem I got from the Cult Nails goody bag on my ring finger.

The gem didn’t stay around too long though. It fell off right after I woke from sleep D: So, in it’s place I used a hex glitter I fished out from Glizology’s Robots in Love. Talk about a versatile polish! LOL

It it said to be a dupe for Dollish Polish’s Expecto Patronum and Pretty and Polished Wherever you go, I Virgo. Anyone has those or have done a comparison of them?