Random Ramblings: Low Buy anyone?

The past few months were crazy months for polish buying! There was soooo many sales and offers and discounts going about all over the place. Online, offline, etsy, Sephora, Llarowe. Gaaaahhh! I for one couldn’t resist them and bought a whole bunch of polishes!
So for the month of February onward till hopefully June, I am going to set myself on a low-buy. Not a no-buy because I would be good the whole month and go crazy once the month ends. I think I have had 2 or 3 no buys 3 months apart. I would buy things on the first month, receive most of the items in the second month and by the time the third months come rolling by I’ll be all – OMG I bought too much polishes the past month! It’s going to be a No-Buy next month! Rinse and Repeat! It is a vicious circle that never ends!
This time around, my low-buy is going to cover all aspects of my life! From not buying too much junk food to buying clothes and shoes (Luckily we do not have 4 seasons in Malaysia :D) to nail polishes and beauty products! I know I cray cray. This low-buy thought not as extreme as a no-buy will still be kinda hard. But I gotta be hard on myself for the sake of my bank account and pending holidays.
Plus! With some packages that I have yet to receive, I should have enough of everything to last me a few months.
Wish me luck girls!