Matte Love

SH’s Sun Kissed is wearing surprisingly well! Even after 4 days there was hardly any tip wear. I usually change my mani every 3 or 4 days but seeing how nicely this mani is holding up I decided to spruce it up one more time. This time with a matte top coat. And I am totally loving what I’m looking at!


My little bottle of magic is China Glaze’s Matte Magic. I actually got the mini (9.6ml) bottle because I was scared I wouldn’t like it. How wrong I was then!


My right hand actually looks better with the matte top coat if you ask me. The other colours seemed more muted which went well with the yellow on my middle finger.



The 3D effect from not using a regular shiny top coat is still apparent with the matte top coat 😀


Gradient dots!

I loved my orange manicure but I thought it could use a little pick me up. In my mind I was thinking to do some stamping, preferably with greens and yellows. But after 10 minutes of trying to get a decent transfer from the stamping plate I gave up and resorted to dotting instead.

Since I already taken out a few polishes for stamping I decided to use all of them! and the best way I could think of was to do some gradients. I tried my very best to keep them in line but as soon as I started on the second colour the lines were already tilted. But I still *love* how it all turned out. It made my fingernails seem longer than they actually are!

I did not use a top coat over the polka dots in these photos because I liked how the dots created little bumps on my nails.



My poor bottle of Seche Vite is starting to lose it’s label!

On my right hand i decided to do a different sort of gradient. Instead of having it all on one nail I did the gradient across my fingers. I was a little disappointed with my middle finger. The yellow did not pop as much as the others and somewhat ‘melted’ into the base colour. Here is a photo of my right hand. Do excuse the awkward pose and the dry cuticles.


More polka dot spam! (of my left hand of course)




The colours I used for the polka dots.


Sun Kissed

(Something is very wrong with my WordPress system today. This is the third time I am writing this post!)

I decided to cut my nails to a more manageable length yesterday because they were getting a little too long for my liking. My bags were getting scratched really bad and one even had a little peel on the handle. I used some clear top coat to patch it up that day and it worked for a bit. But after using the bag for another 2 days the other side of the tear began to come off as well *sigh*

Anyway, on to my nails today.

I picked up 2 bottles of Sally Hansen polishes from the pharmacy last week. These two are my first SH polishes in a very long time. Usually the SH displays would be filled with top and base coats, straighteners, cuticle oils and polish removers instead of polishes which really wasn’t interesting to me. But when my friend had to pop by the pharmacy that day I decided to have a look see at the SH display because my Seche Vite top coat was getting a little goopy and I had to wait for a few days before Seche Restore would come in the mail. To my surprise, althougth the shelves wasn’t full with polishes, there was a bunch of brights in the mix. I decided to give SH a go since I didn’t own any so I picked up Sun Kissed and Purple Potion.

The formula for the SH polishes were divine! It was opaque in 2 careful coats and the shape of the brushed suited me well. I did not have to do so much cleaning up after. The color on the other hand was a little weird. In the bottle Sun Kissed looked like a great creamy orange but when I applied it on my nail the color was brighter than I expected. It came out to be a little neon in fact! The polish dried shiny but I decided on a coat of SV to avoid dents and scratches.



The difference between the polish in the bottle and on my nails is most apparent in this picture.


Dotty Fun!

Last week was a really hectic week so I decided to do a special mani to brighten up my week! After lunch picking and choosing I decided to do a polka dotted mani. Not the regular kind but a multi colored dotted one! I used yellow, green, blue, pink and orange on a base of white ( OPI Alpine Snow).

Look how pretty they are now!




Top (L-R) : Need Sunglasses, Green-wich Village, No Room for the Blues
Bottom (L-R) : Flower-to-Flower, Flit a bit


And this is my Right hand. The dots here are less delicate and somewhat smudge but I think I like this version of it better 🙂