Cult Nails – Seduction

I finally picked a glitter topper to go with the navy polish I had on two days ago. Well, not glitter per-se but rather than a flaky topper!
This is the beautiful Seduction by Cult Nails. I am sure many of you are familiar with this polish’s sister – Clairvoyant a.k.a. Unicorn Puke from Cult Nails. Unfortunately for me, Unicorn Puke was long discontinued by the time I came to know about Cult Nails. It is now going at ridiculous prices on eBay and blog sales mind you!
This is one gorgeous flaky polish I tell you! Unlike Essie’s Shine of Times, the flakies in Seduction are more subtle and less dense. It took me 2 coats of Seduction over China Glaze First Mate to achieve the opacity I desired.

The flakies in Seduction flashes red, blue, purple and the occasional green – which was crazy hard to capture on camera!

I realised that the green comes out in lower light conditions. And also when my hands is wet. So off I went and wet my hands and hide in the shade to capture this gorgeous photo!
The green finally showed up!!
One more photo of this lovely polish to drool over before I end this post.

China Glaze – First Mate

Eeep! I’m running late on my posts – 12 and a half hours to be exact! It’s been really busy this morning, plus the internet was down earlier on! I’ve got a quick post for you today. I’ll definitely get a better post up tomorrow. On time too! LOL
I have got this gorgeous navy, First Mate from the China Glaze Anchors Away Spring 2011 collection. I had this color for ages but never came about to use it. My brother’s girlfriend always wears this color and everytime that she does I ask myself why I do not!
The formula with First Mate is like any other Chine Glaze polishes I have ussed so far – opaque in 2 easy coats. And I always never have to do any clean up because their brushes are that easy to control!
I love how First Mate is not too dark or not too light. Even in low light conditions this polishes is still an obvious blue 🙂

I am not a big fan of blue polishes or dark polishes but I am really in love with First MateI have plans to layer a glitter polish over this beauty but I am putting it off for a little bit more 🙂