Reindeer Games

I’ve got a LynB Designs polish for you today!
This is Reindeer Games by Jenna from LynBDesigns. I got this from quite a while ago and kept going back and forth on which base color I should use. I fianlly decided to go with the most natural color I can think of for a reindeer – brown.
Reindeer Games is a reindeer in a bottle as the maker says on her description. The red hearts represents Rudoiph’s nose and the black hexes for it’s hooves. There are tons of brown micro hex glitters and a good spash of gold holographic glitter to represent reindeer fur. And of course what are reindeers without snow (white shards) right?

I can’t really reacall but I think this is 1 layer over Cult Nails Tulum – my only brown polish for now! I did have to fish a little to get hearts on all my nails. But if you don’t mind a heart or two only you actually do not have to do much work to get them.

The gold shimmer in Tulum played really well with the gold holo glitters in Reindeer Games don’t you think?
I’m sure you can already see the holo glitters showing off themselves in the photos above. But hey! I just HAD to include a blurred photo for it’s so dreamy~

My first attempt at Free handed Chevrons

I tried some free handed chevrons and I think they came out quite good!
I wanted to do something simple that wouldn’t take away from my base color a.k.a Shockingly White from yesterday. I decided to match my tips to the glitters in the polish; and why not put a white in it for contrast!
10 minutes of careful painting and waiting….. Voila!

I used OPI Alpine Snow and Lucky Lucky Lavender to create the chevrons. I used the brush in the bottles to do this too. No striping tape or stripng brush needed!

I picked Lucky Lucky Lavender because it brings out the pink and purple glitters in this polish as well as match the funkiness in the base color. And Alpine Snow being a pure white gives a good contrast between the two colors.

And a bottle shot to end this post because I haven’t done one of these in a long time!

LynB Designs – Shockingly White

I have been good and haven’t bought any nail polishes in the month of February! *gives myself a pat on the back* But I have to say the only reason I have not done so is because that I still have many untrieds from past months purchases. 😛
Today I have a lovely creme-glitter bomb from LynB Designs that I am in love with! This is Shockingly White from Jenna’s Get A Clue collection (which I have no clue what it is).
Shockingly White is a really unique polish. Unlike it’s name, it is rather an off-white-mauve-pink polish than a pure white polish. The glitters in it are *drool* gorgeous! There is a dash of shimmer and lots of pink, purple and ligh blue holo squares as well as fine glitter in it.

I only needed 3 coats to acheive opacity. The glitters came out with no problems too! What you see here was done with no fishing whatsoever!
And as usual, my right hand has more glitter on it compared to my left hand!
And since I love this polish a whole lot I am going to spam you with more photos of this mani after the jump!

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