Etude House mini haul

I picked up some polishes late last month from the Korean cosmetic brand – Etude House. It was a random thing as I really wasn’t planning to get any polishes. Of course I got this polishes, prior to me deciding to go on a No-Buy.
There were many polishes which are new to me as I have not been to Etude House for quite some time. I picked only 3 this time.
From L-R: Halloween Day, Look at Her and Pajama Party
Look at Her (#CPP501) from Etudes House’s Look at My Nails series is the sweetest lilac cream. I had a small bottle of lilac polish but it seems due to the size (mini bottle) and the fact that there are no steel balls in it and also because I don’t use it often, it has dried up. So Look at Her is it’s replacement!
Both Halloween Day and Pajama Party on the other hand is from the Dear My Party series. Halloween Day (#PPP502) is a glitter bomb filled with small square purple and lilac glitters as well as some larger pink hex glitters.
Pajama Party (#PBL601) on the other hand has a pastel blue creamy base with a whole lot of glitter in it! So far I have seen green, blue, red, pink, gold and silver glitter in it! At first sight this polish reminded me of Revlon’s Whimsical, with much more party in it of course!

Cult Nails Haul

Photos from this haul have been sitting in my camera roll almost a month now and I never realised it. I finally came  around to go through the photos and decided no matter how old these photos are they deserve to be on the blog! Here goes!
I got these polishes back in August when Maria was having her birthday sale at Cult Nails. Seeing that the polishes have been discounted to $7 and there were limited edition shades I knew I was gonna splurge on these little pretties.
The damage:
12 bottles of polishes!
Top row (L-R) I Got Distracted, Hypnotoze me, Baker, Mazo, Cruising Nude and Tulum
Bottom Row (L-R) Enticing, Scandalous, Captivated, Seduction, Let Me Fly and Manipulative
Do not ask me why I do not have any bottles of Wicked fast here. I am asking myself the same question right now seeing that my current bottle only has 20% left!
I have actually used Baker, I Got Distracted and Enticing so far and I am impressed! Will post them up soon 🙂
Owh yea, I also noticed that there were different labels on the burritos. B&W and color aside, you can see that the little ‘Maria’ stands differently on both labels. How cute right?

They have arrived!

I am super duper happy!! If you didn’t know, I was going on about how my package from this shop who keeps their stock in two different states last week. The package took about 10days to travel between states and be assembled before it could be sent out.
The girls packed this package much better than the last I would say. Still no box or padded envelope but at least it’s in a medium flyer instead of a large flyer this time. And they did take more time to separate the bottles with bubble wrap.
Anyways I got some Glitter Gal polishes as well as a few OPIs in this order. I believe that these colors from GGs have been discontinued though. If I do fall in love with any of them I am gonna be so so sad! 😦
Top row L-R: GG White Sparkle, Suede 3D Holo, Bronze Sparkle, White Gold Sparkle
Bottom Row L-R: OPI Happy Anniversary, Warm and Fozzie, I Don’t Give a Rotterdam

Haul : Rainbow Honey’s Equestria Collection

My most recent nail polish haul (OK. Not so recent. Back logged post which I though I posted a month ago. My memory sucks as you can see D:) consist of the whole Rainbow Honey’s Equestria Collection! *Wheeee* Not all the polishes in the photo below belongs to me. I got the 15ml full set. The minis aren’t mine but they sure look sooo adorable!
The Equestria Collection is inspired by the My Little Pony cartoon from the 80s. I did watch them through the 90s when I was a little girl. I loved them but back then, being so young, I didn’t know the characters by name D:
But hey! Now I get to know them once more – through nail polish! Dee from Rainbow Honey has created a different glitter polish for the different characters. There is Princess Celestia, Princess Luna a.k.a Nightmare Moon,
And here are my babies out of the box.
I love how Dee from Rainbow Honey packs and sends her items so professionally. I am amazed from the boxes to the labels to the leaflet of the collection that came with my order!
Bottle shots after the jump! 🙂

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