From the Vault: Mermaid Nails

After the last post I’m sure some were wondering – How could she just leave it like that?!
Well, I couldn’t and didn’t!
I decided to go full on and glitter up my nails with both glitter polishes! It was a whole lot of polish on my nails mind you. Seche Plus Base coat, 3 coats of OPI My Pointe Exactly, 2 coats of LUCIDarling #07 and 2 coats of Milani Teal, a coat of Esence Quick Dry Top coat and last but not least a quick coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat which brings me to a total of 10 coats of polish on my nails!!!!
I like how the colours turned out. It kinda remind me of the mermaid nails that are buzzing around on nail blogs and pinterest with the blues and the greens and the grey.
These nails were hard to photograph! The glitters were so sparkly that my camera didn’t know where to focus on.
Take 4
Take 7
Finally another sharper photo! But it seems that the glitter is way darker in this photo. :/
As scary as 10 coats of polish sounds like, this combination was actually not too thick on my nails and wore really well. I only removed it after 4 days because the weekend was ending and these are not exactly office friendly nails. I am really really surprised that these nails did not crack or chip at all!
I wanted to do a glitter sandwich with this, and I actually did it on my thumb, but decided that I couldn’t hide all the awesome glitter on my nails! I did take a few photos of the sandwiched thumb though.
The thumb actually loks quite good, OPI MPE gave a milky touch to the glitters. If I wasn’t in such a glitter-y mood I definitely would have went ahead and sandwiched it all.
And to end it all, a bottle shot of the awesome glitteriness (I really doubt this is a word) of Milani Teal:

From the Vault: My Pointe Exactly

My Pointe Exactly is a sheer grey jelly I got when I picked up some polishes from the OPI x NYC Ballet collection.
Although this polish is super sheer – the photos below are of 3 coats with top coat, I actually quite liked it. The consistency of this polish is wonderful and it dried fairly quickly to a shiny finish.
The colour of this polish is also quite interesting. It has a slight brownish base to it. If you wear it on it’s own, under certain lighting you would actually think it’s a light brown instead.
If you are looking to get a more opaque look with this polish, I do think is achievable with thicker coats.
How do I know you ask?
It was almost 1 am when I finally decided on which polish to use. So by the time I moved on to my right hand I was a little dozy and accidentally applied waayy too much polish on my thumb at the third coat. It took a little longer to dry but it still looked fabulous!


Glittered tips for me please!
I added a triangle of NYX mushroom glitter to the mix because I had to. No bling no win. Surprisingly there seems tobe a lot of gaps in the glitter polishes here but in real life you can’t really see twinkle through the glitter. I’m guessing it’s just a matter of lighting here.
I couldn’t decide which photo to use. Somehow both photos show my skin in an awful reddish tone. But take a closer look and you can see the shimmer in Princess shining through in the top photo!

Half and Half

Half and Half just like milk!
I loved princess so much that I wore it around as a full mani for 2 days. At the end of day 2 the polish was still quite perfect if you ask me. I was thinking to pair Princess with a pink/purple polish to bring out the pink shimmer more. After going through my stash, I decided to top off my mani from yesterday with a nice triangle of Twinkle from piCture pOlish. Twinkle, like Princess, applies like a dream! I only needed two thin layers to get this look!

Cult Nails Princess

I am a newly declared Cultie! I can’t tell you how much I love Cult Nails polishes! This is my first time ever trying a polish from this brand and I’m loving it to bits already!
My first pick from my Cult Nails polish Haul is Princess from the Fairytale Collection. Princess is a light dusty blue with a hint of pink shimmer in it. The brush and the formula was amazing! All I needed was 2 thin coats to achieve opacity. This is also a photo BEFORE clean up! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes especially after revisiting my last post. 😐
This color is definitely a unique color! It reminds me slightly of Essie’s Cocktail Bling but Princess is more blue and there is that pink shimmer in it that brings it to a whole different level!
Cult Nails polishes can be bought at their online store. Do follow Maria, the creator of Cult Nails on her blog, Facebook and Twitter for more updates and news on the brand.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July to the ladies in the US of A!
I hope you all already have plans to go somewhere to look at the 4th of July fireworks! I remember when I was in the States last year over 4th of July weekend. My friend and I went up to a golf course/driving range on the hill to look at the fireworks. It definitely was a night to rememeber because the last time I ever saw a fireworks show was at least a good 5 years away!
I decided on a tape mani over Zoya Dove that I had on yesterday. I used OPI Alpine Snow, OPI No Room for the Blues and Cult Nails Evil Queen on my tips. I kinda did this really late last night. My lines aren’t as crisp as I’d like them and it seems that NRFTBs have bled slightly into Evil Queen and gave my red tips a slight purple hue.