OPI Green-wich Village

OPI Green-wich Village is one of my oldest nail polish I have in my stash! I can even remember that I bought it for USD12 back then. I even considered it cheap!
Anyways, I decided to bust out this color to use as a base color for one of my untried glitters (you will see this tomorrow!). I did not realize haven’t used this color since forever!
Green-wich Village is a warm green creme with yellow undertones. In fact I would say it is a really nice grass green!
Although the first coat seemed really thin and streaky, Green-wich Village covered flawlessly in 2 coats.
As much as I do not like wearing cool colors on my nails I actually quite like Green-wich Village. It’s slight yellow undertones makes this green just right for my skin tone IMO 🙂

Christmas Braids!

It’s Christmas eve already!!
I will be really busy today so this is going to be a really quick post!
I finally gave the braided manicure another go last night! It turned out quite nicely if you asked me.
I now know that the trick is to let the different colored stripes dry a little bit before moving on to the next to avoid pulling and dragging 🙂
I used:
China Glaze Passion (gold)
OPI Big Apple Red (red)
OPI Green-wich Village (green)
And to my readers who are in a time zone earlier than me – Merry Christmas!!

Candy Canes Again!

I showed you my right hand yesterday and now I am back to show you my left hand.
I am not one to always have both hands an exact match for each other. In fact, most of the time they do not match in design but the colors are often the same few polishes. Today is the day where they are similar in design but in different colors! — Yay for striping tape!
I started off with the same base color (OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu) and this time used 2 different greens to create this look. I used ulta3 mojito and Cult Nails Feeling Froggy for my accent nail.
I love how for both the polishes the color seems way different than I expected them to be! mojito turned out to be lighter and more neon than I expected and Feeling Froggy, well, this one was a good surprise to me. I was expecting Feeling Froggy to be quite light and thin because of it’s jelly-ish properties but it really was this nice Christmas-sy green which popped against the white base.
I placed the striping tape differently this time and left less white space in the design. What do you think of it? Just in case you don’t remember, here are both my hands side by side 🙂

DDDino-mite Yoshi

I got 2 polishes in this post today. From the title of this post, one of the polishes is dead easy to guess which. But anyone wanna take a jab at the second? *hint – I recently got it from a grab bag*
*Please excuse the band-aid. I accidentally closed my room door on my fingers a few days ago and it isn’t pretty. Although it was only a bad bruise and maybe a small surface cut, I almost passed out from the pain more than once. D:*
Isn’t this combination gorgeous? I especially love the contrast of the yellow and green glitters of Dollish Polish Dino-Mite Yoshi against the orangey base color! Unfortunately this base color hides the red square glitter a little bit. Owh! Anyone can guess what it is yet?
The base polish changes a lot depending on what light it is under and the addition of Dino-mite Yoshi makes that change even more obvious! I believe that it is the fine gold and red fine glitters which are the cause of this!

If you look at the first 3 close up photos here, you can see that the colors are all different and is actually getting darker! The first of the 3 you can see a hint of neon in it, and in the photo above you can see that it is leaning more towards red. Finally the photo below it has turned into a coppery orange.
It also turns to a nice orange-y base under my bedroom lights.
These two (top and bottom) photos were taken not more than 2 minutes apart!

The polish generally looks like this most of the time since I spend most of my time in the office.
Any guesses on the base color yet?
It is Sally Hansen Three-D from the (older?) HD line! Get it? 3-D – DDDino-mite Yoshi??It is an amazing polish! It applied flawlessly and it had so many color shifts I made sure I looked at it every 10 minutes to see if it had changed. 😛

I took quite a few photos in various lighting – some came out quite grainy but the colors are all different so I’ll post them all after the jump!

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China Glaze – Unpredictale

I have another China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome polish for you today. This is my second of three polishes to show you.
I wanted to pass this off as my blue mani for diabetes awareness but, nahhh, I shall have a blue mani up soon!
Anyways, this is Unpredictable. Just like Swanky Silk, it has an awesome duochrome shift to it! Actually this shifts between more than just two colors. I’ve seen it glow a nice olive green, teal, blue and even gold under certain lightings!

The color shifts in Unpredictable is waaay more obvious and a tad easier to capture in photos!

I love how you can see the different colors in simple photos just like this!

GOLD! This was under a yellow-ish light I believe. Does this look familiar to you??

*hint – it’s from the same collection!!*

I just had to show you a few of it glowing a nice blue too!

I accidentally pushed the polish back and did not realise it till it was too late!
OK. The following photos are the ones that really show Unpredictable very very much different from what you usually see. This was taken under a yellowish light just like the one above but somehow Unpredictable shows up as a dark olive polish with light green highlights!

I definitely would recommend you to pick this polish up if you haven’t already! True to it’s name, Unpredictable is unpredictable! 😛

One more shot for the go!

Ahh~ LOVE!

Celery Goodness!

I have a polish from Stacy of Paris Sparkle’s for today’s post. I think I have posted only one other polish from Stacy on my blog even though her polishes were the very first indies I bought eons ago! *shame on me* So, without further ado lets move on to the polish!
Celery Stalker is a soft minty green polish with different multi colored hex glitters – blacks, reds, blues and greens, some hidden silver shimmer and even some holographic glitter in it! I only really noticed the holo glitter when I was walking under the sun one day. It really was unexpected!
Application of this polish was very very much better than Election Day! You did not have to fish for glitter and it covered nicely in 2 coats.
One more photo for the road!
Have a weekend lovelies~

piCture pOlish : peacock

If you have been here long enough, you would know that I used piCture pOlish peacock once before in a tape mani and it did not turn out as good as I thought it would. The colors just did not go together. So, this post is dedicated fully to peacock!
peacock is a deep purple jelly based with many different shapes of emerald and blue glitter. This time I chose to present peacock all on it’s own, 3 thin coats and no undies whatsoever.
On it’s own, peacock has very good coverage for a jelly polish. The base color is dark and no VNL is obvious after 3 thin coats. The thing that bothered me most is that the base color is a little too  dark for my liking. Under certain lighting, it looks black than the rich purple that it is.
This photo below represents the polish the best IMO! you can see the glitter in full force and the base is an obvious rich purple color!
I took some photos with flash too! These photos really bring out the purple in the base color!
And last but not least, a blurry photo to show off the glittery goodness of this polish!
peacock and other piCture pOlish nail polishes can be bought from their website and this list of international stockist on their website. I got mine directly from the girls but I did get one or two of my piCture pOlishes from Llarowe. Do follow the girls on Facebook and Twitter for updates and giveaways!