365 DOC Waking up in Vegas

*rare Sunday Update*
Well, I was thinking – What other way to spruce up a gold manicure for the holidays? And immediately, Waking Up in Vegas by Sunny from 365 Days of Color was calling out my name from it’s little spot in the drawers.
Come to think of it – Vegas. Gold. How appropriate!

This is not a polish I would pick by myself. In fact, I got this from the Halloween grab bag that Sunny was offering. I got it on the 1st of November – right after my no buy ended. 😛
Waking Up in Vegas is a glitter topper filled with black and white diamond glitters as well as smaller metallic red squares. It is not one of the more popular shades form 365 DOC but I think I am in love~

Application was OK. It is the kind of polish where the harder you try, the harder is it for you to get what you desire. I am wearing 2 coats + some fishing and dabbing in these photos. I believe that the shape of the bottle matters a little. I got this polish in the flat round bottles that Sunny was using before.

The diamond glitters in this polish lay really flat on my nails. Out of the many on my nails, only 2 were sticking out slightly. And those were the ones that I placed manually. If it was applied on with the brush, it stays put.

I used this combo on top of some PVA glue. And as you know, I do not have much good experience with a peel off base. But I got lucky this time! It all peeled off in one nice sheet and now resembles some false nail tips!
There are only 9 here because one of it popped off while I was in the pool! How fun! 😀
*2 more days to Christmas!*