Girly Bits – Black Eyed Susan

Remember when I said yesterday that I thought that Green-wich Village looked like grass? Well, what goes better with grass than a bed of flowers right?
*Cue Girly Bits Black Eyed Susan (Daisies!)*
When I first laid my eyes on swatches of these polishes I knew that I had to get it somehow! I finally laid my grabby hands on them when I bought them from Llarowe. On sale too!
Black Eyed Susan is a clear base packed with multiple sizes of matte yellow glitter in hexes and squares, micro gold holo glitter, metallic brown and metallic green hex glitters. I wore 2 coats if Black Eyed Susan over Green-wich Village. Glitter coverage was quite good actually but I did do some dabbing to get more brown glitter on my fingers. I just was not in luck with those!

Don’t you think they look just gorgeous together? Even the green leaves stood out over Green-wich Village!

Girly Bits – Indian Summer

My choice of layering polish is my one and only Girly Bits polish – Indian Summer! Did you guess right?
Indian Summer is the September shade form the Girly Bits Calendar Girls Collection. It is a mix of pink, blue, periwinkle, copper and gold, in a sheer periwinkle base. Now do you see why I had to get Essie Lapis of Luxury?
Aside from having all those lovely glitters in it, Indian Summer also has a slight color shifting properties to it. The periwinkle base gives off a nice pink glow at certain angles.
In the shade, this polish reminds me of another glitter polish. Can you guess which?
It reminds me of Oceans Alloy from Hare Polish. They aren’t the same definitely but quite similar to me.

And because I love this polish so much, I am just gonna leave a bunch of photos after the jump for your viewing pleasure!

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