Neon No-Go

I finally decided to bust out my Deborah Lippmann Run The World (Girls) mini’s today. My first pick from the box – Party Girl. Party Girl is a bright (neon) pink polish that dries to a matte finish. Very interesting if you ask me.
Unfortunately, Party Girl was really very, very sheer on my nails even at 3 coats. It was a tad streaky for me too. The end result looked like I dipped my finger in red dye trying to make red eggs for Chinese New Year!
I tried to salvage it by adding a red glitter on it but, gaaahhh, I picked the wrong one. I applied one coat of CrowsToes Hell Hath No Fury but the base color and glitter just did not go together well 😦
Owh one more thing! Party Girl photographed really funny. I had a bunch of them I took without flash and instead of pink it looked really orange. Like a deep neon coral!
Funny eh?

Birthday Haul

I got myself some pretty polishes for myself this month! After the No-Buy in October, I decided to go slow with the buying. It lasted OK until Black Friday came along! LOL. But those polishes are going to be considered my Christmas presents to myself so I guess it’s OK. Right? 😛
First up, I got myself a Deborah Lippmann Run the World (Girls) set! I haven’t gone crazy and splurged that much on polishes, I only got his because it was on SALE! Back in September, I bought a Groupon which gave me a chance to grab this at RM107 instead of RM287! That is a whooping 63% off!
The set came just in time for my birthday but it wasn’t perfect, can you see it in the photo above? How about in the photo below?
The pink polish (I Kissed a Girl) was missing 😦
I contacted the seller and they said it was a manufacturers defect and they sent me Pink Blush as a replacement. Not to bad I guess.
Next up I have 2 essence color3 polishes i picked up at a temporary essence stand in the maill. The colors I picked was 06 Ticket to the Show and 01 Midnight Date.

Last but not least I picked up a few polishes from the new OPI holiday collection! I was tempted to buy more than this but I told myself to be good and only picked up Skyfall and Goldeneye.

Wait a minute! I picked up 9 polishes! That’s not exactly a few. I think my limit was 10 polishes this month. LOL! Not so good afterall I guess.