Cult Nails – Seduction

I finally picked a glitter topper to go with the navy polish I had on two days ago. Well, not glitter per-se but rather than a flaky topper!
This is the beautiful Seduction by Cult Nails. I am sure many of you are familiar with this polish’s sister – Clairvoyant a.k.a. Unicorn Puke from Cult Nails. Unfortunately for me, Unicorn Puke was long discontinued by the time I came to know about Cult Nails. It is now going at ridiculous prices on eBay and blog sales mind you!
This is one gorgeous flaky polish I tell you! Unlike Essie’s Shine of Times, the flakies in Seduction are more subtle and less dense. It took me 2 coats of Seduction over China Glaze First Mate to achieve the opacity I desired.

The flakies in Seduction flashes red, blue, purple and the occasional green – which was crazy hard to capture on camera!

I realised that the green comes out in lower light conditions. And also when my hands is wet. So off I went and wet my hands and hide in the shade to capture this gorgeous photo!
The green finally showed up!!
One more photo of this lovely polish to drool over before I end this post.

Cult Nails Haul

I took the opportunity to grab more Cult Nails goodies while they were having the offer on grab bags!
I did not buy many colors this time. I pretty much decided this would be a good time to stock up on Wicked Fast top coat! (I grabbed 3). I also got a convert pack with Charlatan and Nevermore (not pictured) as well as Flushed, Afterglow and Disciplined from their new collection! Talk about being lucky!
This was what I had in my grab bag – another bottle of Flushed!!, 2 wheels of multi-colored square and rectangular rhinestones and 2 pots of metallic studs!
Not too bad eh?

Candy Canes Again!

I showed you my right hand yesterday and now I am back to show you my left hand.
I am not one to always have both hands an exact match for each other. In fact, most of the time they do not match in design but the colors are often the same few polishes. Today is the day where they are similar in design but in different colors! — Yay for striping tape!
I started off with the same base color (OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu) and this time used 2 different greens to create this look. I used ulta3 mojito and Cult Nails Feeling Froggy for my accent nail.
I love how for both the polishes the color seems way different than I expected them to be! mojito turned out to be lighter and more neon than I expected and Feeling Froggy, well, this one was a good surprise to me. I was expecting Feeling Froggy to be quite light and thin because of it’s jelly-ish properties but it really was this nice Christmas-sy green which popped against the white base.
I placed the striping tape differently this time and left less white space in the design. What do you think of it? Just in case you don’t remember, here are both my hands side by side 🙂

Candy Canes!

I finally got time to make me some Candy Canes! The ones that make your hands look awesomely pretty. LOL!
I started off with 3 coats of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu Stuck on some striping tape and topped it off with one coat of OPI Big Apple Red. It was a fairly easy manicure as long as you are patient and careful!
To make the thicker white areas, I placed 2 striping tapes next to each other and painted over it. But I think I did not place them close enough and some red polish seeped through and left small red lines in my design.
Red is one of the most challenging color to photograph if you ask me! Often times it would turn out far from what it is in my photographs! Just look at the 4 photos below! It’s just like magic. Haha!

After about 8 hours of wear, I thought that my accent nail was kinda boring and decided to add some stripes in gold to it!

What do you think, gold or no gold?

Cult Nails – Tulum, Stamped!

I did this mani in 2 parts. I painted the base color, Cult Nails Tulum, first and waited almost 2 hours for it to dry before stamping on it. I used a gold stamping polish I bought quite some time ago and topped it off with Essence Quick Dry Top Coat, waited a good 30 minutes and went to bed.
To my horror I woke up to this:

I am sure that Tulum was dry before I stamped on it. I suspect that it is the top coat I used! I never do learn my lesson do I! LOL!

This manicure actually is quite pretty before it was covered in sheet marks. The gold stamping matched the gold shimmer in Tulum.

I added another coat of top coat trying to salvage this mani but unfortunately the dents were too deep.
I really should chuck the essence top coat in the bin but I feel it isn’t really necessary. It did work once or twice before.

Who says black is boring??

The weekend is here!! What better way to bring in the weekend than to wear some dark, glittery polish??
This is 4 days after my last mani and my fingernails have grown quite a bit really! I didn’t expect them to be so long so quick. It must be because of all that nail juice (balms, oils and lotions) that I’ve been applying!
Today I have two awesome glitter polishes to show you. Can you spot the difference??
I am wearing I Got Distracted by Cult Nails on my middle, ring and little fingers and Sea Creature by The Hungry Asian on my thumb and pointer. I wore both of this polishes over 2 coats of OPI Black Onyx.

Both these polishes actually looked very similar, which is the reason why I paired them together. Sea Creature is a black jelly polish filled with blue/teal hex glitters, small black glitter with a dash of fuchsia and green superfine glitters. I Got Distracted on the other hand is also a black jelly base packe with holographic micro glitter and larger green glitter.
I did wear underwear for both this polishes because I did not want to use up too much of these precious polishes. And also I realised that the black base keeps this polish much smoother than if you would do 3 coats of just the polish. It also helps the longetivity of this polish (not that I keep them on for long!)

The blue/teal glitters in Sea Creature shows up way better in this photo above. And the photo below was intentionally blurred to bring out the awesomeness of the glitters!!
Are you distracted yet?
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** 3 more days to my birthday!! **