China Glaze – Unpredictale

I have another China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome polish for you today. This is my second of three polishes to show you.
I wanted to pass this off as my blue mani for diabetes awareness but, nahhh, I shall have a blue mani up soon!
Anyways, this is Unpredictable. Just like Swanky Silk, it has an awesome duochrome shift to it! Actually this shifts between more than just two colors. I’ve seen it glow a nice olive green, teal, blue and even gold under certain lightings!

The color shifts in Unpredictable is waaay more obvious and a tad easier to capture in photos!

I love how you can see the different colors in simple photos just like this!

GOLD! This was under a yellow-ish light I believe. Does this look familiar to you??

*hint – it’s from the same collection!!*

I just had to show you a few of it glowing a nice blue too!

I accidentally pushed the polish back and did not realise it till it was too late!
OK. The following photos are the ones that really show Unpredictable very very much different from what you usually see. This was taken under a yellowish light just like the one above but somehow Unpredictable shows up as a dark olive polish with light green highlights!

I definitely would recommend you to pick this polish up if you haven’t already! True to it’s name, Unpredictable is unpredictable! 😛

One more shot for the go!

Ahh~ LOVE!

China Glaze – Swanky Silk

I have today one of the Bohemian Luster Chromes from China Glaze. I only picked up 3 from this collection  because I wasn’t sure I’d love these colors as much as I do!
The one polish that caught my eye the very first time I saw this collection was Swanky Silk. Although not as bold as the others I was drawn to it immediately! Swanky Silk is a beautiful pink color that shifts to a bold gold with subtle green flashes!
This polish is gorgeous! Every time I look at it I see something different.
I did 2 coats of Swanky Silk and it seemed just perfect. No VNL was visible in person but somehow it shows in certain photos here.
This is definitely one hard polish to photograph! Wherever I went, I took photos of this mani. And everytime I did, it seemed like a new polish!
Of course I am not going to post all of them here! Most of them are blur and have funny hand poses because I took them in such a hurry. I picked 3 different ones to post. One taken under the evening sun (above), another taken in my office lobby (afternoon sun), and the last one taken under artificial light.

These two photos show the most pink among the rest.

And the photo I loved the most:

At this angle it looks like a really really rich gold! Almost foil like 😀
I heard this polish is awesome for stamping. I shall attempt that soon! If I do forget, or take tooooo long to get to it, a friendly reminder is always welcomed!

Geometry Fun!

As many of you know, October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness and Depression Awareness represented by the pink and green ribbon respectively. With this in mind I created this mani collaborating these colors to show that I do care for these two causes. I am no expert so I shall not bombared you with my ramblings. But if you want to know more on these two illnesses, I would suggest heading on to the and (since I couldn’t find any official websites for depression awareness) Scrangie’s very well written post on depression for more details.
This is my first attempt at a more complicated tape mani. I used this video from Sophie of My Awesome Beauty as my guide and I think the final result came out quite well!
I’m gonna keep it short and sweet from here and just let the photos do the talking 😀
The colors I used on my left hand are Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Silver, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Baviphat Baby Blue, Essie Mint Candy Apple, China Glaze For Audrey, and OPI Mermaids Tears
And for my right hand I decided to switch it up and do a pink version! Colors I used are Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Silver, OPI Alpine Snow, Nature Republic Baby Pink, Baviphat Light Pink, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and OPI That’s Hot Pink.
I kinda ‘cheated’ on the right hand. As you can see it looks quite simple compared to the left hand. The most sections per finger is only 4 as opposed to 5 on the left hand. Who knew one finger could make such a difference!

One more shot of my left hand.

And last but not least, both ‘claws’ side by side 😀

Braided Brights!

I have seen so many braided manicures out there I was literally itching to try them for myself! Everyone who did it before said it was super easy and, by just looking at their complete manicure, I didn’t believe that it was true. One day while I was reading through my list of blogs that I follow I came across this tutorial by Lucy from Lucy’s Stash and decided to use it as my guide.
And guess what! The manicure came out perfect!! And in a short time too!! I used all China Glaze colors in this mani: Sugar High (pink), Lemon Fizz (yellow) and For Audrey (blue).
And to further convince anyone who is afraid to do this manicure here is a picture of my dominant hand!
Aside from the slightly dented ring finger I think this turned out quite good don’t you think?

Dress Me Up!

Ahh!! I had a really busy doing nothing weekend. I spent both Friday and Saturday night out with friends which led me to not getting my usual sleep. Getting only 4 hours of sleep, I woke at 7 in the morning on Saturday; but I was lucky it did not repeat again on sunday. I had a good 8 hour sleep in! I wanted to do a quick mani Sunday night but was too tired to do so. I actually fell asleep just after i removed my previous mani.
Today’s mani was actually done at the office during lunch! This is 2 coats of China Glaze Dress Me up topped with Essence’s Quick Dry topcoat.
Taken under the evening sun
I love the creaminess of Dress Me Up. The colour is a rich dusty rose creme. Some would find this color rather boring and granny-like but I guess it is up to ones personal preference. I think I mentioned before that this polish resembles OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona. While it looks similar, they are actualy quite different. GC DMU is much warmer and has more red in it than OPI BiB.
Artificial lighting bleaches this color a little, making it more like BiB
The second part of this post is a review on Essence’s quick dry topcoat. This is my third time using it and it dissapoints me once again. My mani dented and got scratched badly even after a whole hour of waiting. Just look at the photos below!
Right Hand: Scratched and dented
This little line is made from a piece of tape getting stuck on my nail!
Left hand: A closer look at the big scratch on my middle finger
I have read many good reviews on this top coat but I think it just doesn’t work for me. I definitely will not throw it out but I think a SV is much needed in my emergency stash!

From the Vault: Tape Mani – Fail

I always pain my nails at night before I head to bed. Most times I start at about 11pm and don’t finished until 1am because of my indecision. Tonight was one of those nights.
I wanted to do a funky french with a the striping tape I bought recently. But *alas* it was not meant to be 😦
I painted my nails in Revlon’s Opulent Pink and prepped them with striping tape. The striping tape I used was kinda different from the one’s I see on other nail blogs. For one, it wasn’t metallic and it wasn’t a solid colour either. It was a black paper base with hot pink stripes going through it.
I now think that they look quite unique here. The black-pink tape actually goes very well with this polish.
Why oh why wasn’t I aware of this earlier?
I should have just snipped the tape to size, applied top coat and jump into bed and sleep. But, noooo, I had to complete what I envisioned! And thus – a really odd manicure was born!
The yellow I used was China Glaze Lemon Fizz. China Glaze was the most logical choice for me because so far they’ve all been rather opaque on the first coat. But somehow this time it didn’t work out for me. I needed to use 2 coats on them. And they were quick thick at that! I really wasn’t thinking straight. When it came to removing the tape, the yellow smudged, went under the tape and some even came off with the tape. I couldn’t think of any ways to salvage it *sigh*
Needless to say I only wore this manicure long enough to take some photos and off they came.
Check back tomorrow for the manicure that I eventually did. I promise it isn’t half as disastrous as this was.

Gradient dots!

I loved my orange manicure but I thought it could use a little pick me up. In my mind I was thinking to do some stamping, preferably with greens and yellows. But after 10 minutes of trying to get a decent transfer from the stamping plate I gave up and resorted to dotting instead.

Since I already taken out a few polishes for stamping I decided to use all of them! and the best way I could think of was to do some gradients. I tried my very best to keep them in line but as soon as I started on the second colour the lines were already tilted. But I still *love* how it all turned out. It made my fingernails seem longer than they actually are!

I did not use a top coat over the polka dots in these photos because I liked how the dots created little bumps on my nails.



My poor bottle of Seche Vite is starting to lose it’s label!

On my right hand i decided to do a different sort of gradient. Instead of having it all on one nail I did the gradient across my fingers. I was a little disappointed with my middle finger. The yellow did not pop as much as the others and somewhat ‘melted’ into the base colour. Here is a photo of my right hand. Do excuse the awkward pose and the dry cuticles.


More polka dot spam! (of my left hand of course)




The colours I used for the polka dots.