Pink Chevrons

So after my last manicure was destroyed in less than an hour I knew I had to do something quick and simple as I needed to go out in less than an hour. I was still in the mood for some geometric nails so I bit my toungue and did some freehand chevrons. It came out surprsingly good IMO.
As with the last manicure, this manicure also had layers of polish layered at the tip. But I was way smarter this time! I used more opaque polishes which resulted in less coats of polish needed 😀
I think I did this manicure in under 30 minuted from start to finish! *so proud*


Of course when it came to painting my right hand, I had to change it up a bit. I tried doing a triangle on my tip but it came out quite funky. So I did a fish-tail chevron instead. Not too bad eh!



Pastel Triangles

Hello! I’m back!
Sorry I’ve been away for so long 😦 Life was really wuite hectic. I painted my nails most of the time that I was away; not as much as I did though.
Today I have a tape manicure inspired by the ever wonderful Pshiiit. I spotted this manicure a while ago but haven’t came around to do it as tape manicures and I aren’t the best of friends. Well, it turned out relatively well.


I say relatively well because I managed to get the basic shapes of the manicure down. Not perfect like Pshiit’s obviously. I need to work more on my tape manicures.


There is one thing about tape manicures that I really do not like – my tips would be really thick after I am done with the full manicure; and this manicure was no different. I actually forgot about the polish being thick and still dent-able and went about my business which resulted in a big dinge in more than one nail. So, I did what I could – remove it. after just 30 minutes =.=

[PR] Ready to see the ILNP Summer Collection? Here it is!

Ready for a look at the Summer Collection?

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to give you a first look at the new ILNP Summer Collection! This is a photo heavy email with some great swatches and a handful of amazing macro shots. I hope you like what you see!

This collection is made up of 11 polishes. There are 5 new holos, 3 brand new Ultra Chromes, and 3 new holographic Ultra Chromes!

Pre-orders start Friday, 5/16 at 12PM PST at!

The ILNP Summer Collection will be available for pre-orders this Friday, May 16th at 12PM PST at www.ilnp.comAll pre-orders will ship on or before 5/28.

Don’t forget, each new Summer Collection polish is $1.00 off during pre-orders! Be sure to save yourself a few bucks by ordering early!

Enough of that… it’s time for swatches & macros!!

Bikini Bottoms

Bikini Bottoms is a wonderfully vivid magenta pink holographic polish with a delicious blue hue that is sure to please! It took quite a while to get this polish just right, but I absolutely love it to pieces!

Bikini Bottoms is definitely in-your-face and “pops” like nothing else! Perfect for summer!


Super vibrant and luxuriously saturated, Rehab is definitely what you need! Rehab is a gorgeous aqua-green holo and a perfect match for those long and relaxing summer days.

Purple Plasma

Purple Plasma is a lusciously saturated electric purple holographic polish that is sure to make your mouth water! Look a little closer and you’ll see how the touch of red and gold sparkle really bring this polish to life!

This is definitely a new personal favorite. I know you’ll love it!

Funshine Smoothie

Funshine Smoothie is a funky and fun bright yellow holo that is sure to get you some attention! If you look closely, you’ll also notice a crisp golden shimmer that takes this polish to the next level.

“Drink it in. It always goes down smooth.”

Summer Stargazing

Summer Stargazing is a wonderfully juiced-up royal blue holo that’s so electrically vibrant you’ll think it glows!

If blue is your color, you HAVE to give Summer Stargazing a try. You will absolutely love it!

Sirene (H)

Sirène (H) is a holographic version of the original Sirène Ultra Chrome polish!

Sirène (H) magically shifts through spectacularly vivid hues of green, blue, violet, red, and even offers subtle hints of gold depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under!

Reminisce (H)

Reminisce (H) is a holographic version of the original Reminisce Ultra Chrome polish!

Reminisce (H) shifts from hues of stunning greens to refreshingly cool blues (you may even catch subtle hints of gold occasionally) depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under. It’s an electrically vibrant Ultra Chrome, full of life, with a glow to it that you have to see to believe!

Undenied (H)

Undenied (H) is a holographic version of the original Undenied Ultra Chrome polish!

Undenied (H) is a phenomenally gorgeous and sultry Ultra Chrome that radiates elegance at every turn.

With effortless shifts through stunning hues of violet, red, and gold (depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under), Undenied (H) is sure to wow you when you least expect it!


Peace is an astonishingly beautiful Ultra Chrome and a new personal favorite of mine!

Depending on the light and angle of your fingertips, Peace will magically shift through vivid hues of blue, purple, fuchsia, pink, and even a subtle coppery gold.

The vibrancy of Peace is something you have to see in person to believe! This polish is so beautifully perfect, it’s almost guaranteed to be a distraction to you and the people around you. Oh well! 🙂


Bishop is a uniquely regal Ultra Chrome that shifts from a refined gold to a light olive-green. You may even notice subtle hints of greyish blue in the right lighting conditions.


Talk about “Woah!” Masquerade is one of the strongest color shifting polishes in the Ultra Chrome line and it is gorgeous!

At every turn, you’ll find Masquerade shifting through an incredible array of super bright pink, violet, red, copper, and a stunningly vibrant green. I have to say it again, the color-shift in Masquerade is so intense it’s practically confusing!

It’s without a doubt a head turner and easily distracting. You may need to wear gloves while driving 🙂

Don’t forget to set a reminder for Friday, 5/16!

A huge thank you to Very EmilyTips and Topcoat, and ChrissyAi for letting me use their beautiful swatches and macro photos! Please be sure to check out their blogs for even more!

If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to contact me by replying to this email or sending an email to!

Be sure to stop by later tonight for even MORE pictures of the new Summer Collection. I’ll be adding swatches all day today!

Hope to see you this Friday!!
-Barbra 🙂

Lady Bugs!

I’ve got some ladybugs for you today! or do you call them lady birds?
Regardless what you call them, they are the cutest little insects that I have seen so far! I always liked them since I was young but they move so quickly that it’s hard to snap a photo of them.


When I decided that I wanted to do ladybug nails, all I could think of were big ladybug accent nails. but as I slowly looked through google image gallery, I saw this cute manicure by Mich from The Polish Well and thought it would be really fun to replicate. And so I did!



As much as this manicure looks quite complicated, it is actually really easy! All you need are dotting tools and probably a toothpick for the smallest dot for them mini eyes.
Of course you will also need a lot of patience and be extremely careful if not you’ll smudge the little eyes like I did D:


Vintage Roses

Since I did my first floral manicure last month, I just can’t get enough of doing flowers on my nails! Of course, it being spring and dozens of floral manicures popping up everywhere doesn’t really help. Heh.


This time the overall look of my manicure is more vintage than I usually would do. The colors are a tad muted, like how an old piece of cloth would look faded after many years of wear.
At first I was quite hesitant to do roses because, well, they don’t turn out right every time. But I guess, as much as these roses look quite messy, it actually adds to the look 😛

Studded Nails

My collegue recently came back from Hong Kong and from her travels she bought me small vials ‘caviar beads’. When I saw it, I was really tempted to do the once super popular caviar nails but seeing how small the vials are (3/4 inch tall) I decided to go simple.


I actually quite like this simple manicure. The pink and gold channeled punk princess to me, which makes wearing pink more fun to me.


When I was finished with this manicure I had only one worry – that the little beads would pop off easily. To my surprise, they lasted 3 days on my nails! I ended up picking them off just for fun.
By the way, do you notice anything different? No? Look closer.
My nails are not only shorter but they are now rounded off! I have decided to take up rock climbing and one of the safety requirements is that you should have short nails. So chop chop and here I am. As much as I am not used to them yet, I am liking them so far 🙂



Something simple to end the week :)

When you are lazy but still want to paint your nails, this is one of the easiest manicures you can do for yourself! All you need are 2 complementary nail polishes and a striper polish. and 20 minutes later – voila!

Goegeous nails! LOL


I have actually done this technique before but somehow forgotten about it until I saw it on instagram quite a while back. I love how this manicure is really simple and how the little black down the middle helped ‘elongate’ my short nails 😀