My First Full Floral Mani

Believe it or not I have actually never done a full floral manicure ever and this is my very first attempt! Hah!
When the challenged called for a floral manicure I was litereally at a blank. So I turned to my best friend – Google for some inspiration. After a few clicks I came across this manicure by the talented Sarah from Chalkboard Nails.  Of course as you read on (which I did not), you would know that this design was infact by Mr Candiipants.
I liked the whimsical look that this floral manicure had. So without much hesitation I went for it. And this was before I found Mr Candiipants’ YouTube tutorial =.=


Overall I would say this manicure is really easy to recereate. And all you need are the brushes from the nail polish bottles. No need to hunt high and low for nail art brushes. As for the dots, I believe I used the tip of the nearest pen to me. Heh.


It was quite hard for me when the next challenge came along. I probably should’ve planned it out properly so that I could have it on for a few more days. Alas! The procrastinator in me got the better of me. LOL

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