Happy Halloween!

As I have mentioned before, Halloween isn’t a big thing in Malaysia. So far I have only heard of 2 big Halloween parties being advertized on the radio. Aside from that, I do not know of any other party. None of my friends or colleagues are throwing one either. 😐
Well, since it is THE day. I decided to do one more Halloween-y manicure just for fun. I was thinking to do a cutesy one or maybe a colorful one but work and the new puppy ta home got the better of me. Instead, I attempted this:
A Dripping Blood manicure!
This is definitely easy to do. All you need is a nude nail polish, a red nail polish and a dotting tool of some kind. Tooth picks, pencils, pins – anything goes! At first I was kind of sad that the blood did not look neat enough then it hit me – it’s blood. It need not be neat right?
I did not wear this manicure for long. In fact, i removed it as soon as I was done taking photos of it. Looking at it really made me nauseous. Which is surprising to me as I was never afraid of blood. :S Probably the idea of having blood covering my finger reminded me of some horrific, gut churning crime from the many episodes of CSI I have watched.
If you are wondering why my skin looks so pale here, well, it is because I used flash in the photos above. Without flash the red doesn’t come out as dark and blood like. It comes out a nice bright red instead!
Well, one more for the go! Here’s to a great time Trick or Treating!
XOXO Louanne