Wearing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I, for one, am really lucky to have not lost anyone to this cancer so far. But, my dear little dog whom I have had for more than 14 years is a victim of this cancer. So far she is coping well. We have had the cancerous cells removed once before but it came back again after 4 years. This time round it is not looking good. Even the doctors do no recommend her getting another surgery because of her age and fragile health. *sigh*
If you are Malaysian and would like to do something to help those in need, or want to know more about the news and events in Malaysia, just hop on over to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia’s website. They are a group of women who have come together to support those women who are going through or have went through the complications of breast cancer.
I decided to wear a pink polish in order to show my support for the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. And my choice of pink – Ozotic 607.
Ozotic 607 is a dusty pink with scattered holographis glitters and particles. I love the color on me as, althought it is pink, it seems really like a neutral polish.

I did not love this polish at first but as I wore it longer I slowly fell in love with it! And the more I look at it the lesser my lemming for Illamasqua Pink Raindrops get.

And before I go – a super blurry shot which shows off the holo in this polish!
Thanks for reading! xoxo

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