Not all mani sessions go well..

I only say that because I had a really bad one just before my beach holiday! I was hesitating if I should post this in the beginning but thought – What the heck, I am sure there is a lesson in here somewhere!
My friend and I decided to go for a mani-pedi session before our beach getaway. And of course with groupons, we would get a cheap-ish one. Well, her manicure turned out gorgeous and mine… a mess.


I picked  OPI First Date at the Golden Gate and OPI DS Brgeold as an accent nail. The color combo on the nail charts looked really good together but on my fingers – meh. First Date at the Golden Gate was really patchy and DS Bold was, well, not bold. And as you can see above, my manicurist did not do such a great job at cleaning up 😦
As soon as I got home I immediately took out my cleaning brush and cleaned the edges a little and then I noticed how dry my cuticles are AFTER a mani. D:
Cuticle balm made it look better but I was still really disappointed.


If you think I am just being a difficult customer, check out the photos with flash!



All 3 fingers with First Date at the Golden Gate looks different from each other. I totally forgot that it was a jelly-ish polish! And of course I did not expect my manicurist to be OK with patchy nails. I was really holding back the urge to ask her to let me paint my own nails that day. Oh how I wished I picked a different color!


After all that I still wanted to wear it for the holiday but my inner OCD just couldn’t take it and I removed it in less than 24 hours. LOL. I will post my after manis soon. Stay tuned!