Zoya Mia Striped

Tadaa!! Another striped mani!!
I actually planned for something else but my creativity left me before I even started. I have this gorgeous rose gold nail polish by Skin Food and although it is probably 2 years old and with no mixing ball it’s formula is still really easy to work with!
I initially wanted to do dots I think but when I saw these 2 colors together I didn’t want to ruin it with my uneven dots so instead I picked up my striping tape and created this funky french striped mani.
I switched it up a little making each nail slightly different with the placement of the striping tape. A subtle difference that no one would notice in the office. *shhhh*
I have to admit, not all the lines on my left hand turned out as clean as I want them to be. After so long I am still trying to figure out what my problem is. One time my stripes are perfect and another it is all goopy 😦
At first I thought maybe it’s the polish, or maybe I did not peel the tape off quick enough, OR maybe I left the tape on for too long. Then I move on to do my right hand and this is what I get.
CLEAN LINES!! And I did everything the same as when I did my left hand. -_______________-
Back to square one. Gah!

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