Mint Skittlette!

I liked the mint and glitter combination in my last mani that I decided to make a skittlete out of it! I was intending to do stripes or dots but that did not turn up to well and ended up with me removing the polish on both my pinkies.
I thought long and hard and went through a whole lot of nail art photos on my pinterest page and finally decided to take a cue from this pin by BedizzleNails and try to draw a rose on my digits! I did this once long before but never tried it again for reasons I don’t know. I think I was scared to mess it up!
I picked 2 shades of pink and a white and held my breath and painted dotted! All I used to draw my rose was a small dotting tool. I did try to use a brush but alas my hand wasn’t quick enough! The polish dried on the brush even before I could paint 2 strokes.
I was so happy with the rose and loved the pink on green so I painted my pinky the same pink as the rose. The little stud on my nail was added about 10 minutes after everything was done because I dinged it. Good cover up eh?

Colors I used in this manicure:

Baviphat #24
ulta3 Hot Spring
OPI Alpine Snow
No. 7 Paradise Love
China Glaze For Audrey

Owh, and if you were wondering, the small mint rhinestone I used in this post can be purchased from Born Pretty Store at only $0.99 for 100 pieces!