Grey Skittelette

I was in the mood for some monochromatic nails the other day and thought what would be better than some grey skittelette nails! I went through my drawers and picked out a few grey polishes and this was what I came out with!
At first all I had on was OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls Zoya Dove and Essie No Place Like Chrome. But after 5minutes I got bored and added a good layer of OPI Which is Witch over No Place Like Chrome – instant glam!
This was supposed to be a two part manicure but unfortunately my peel off base worked too well! By the end of day 1 a few fingers started to lift on the sides and I just had to peel them off. I do not know about you but when it one finger starts peeling the OCD person in me will make everything else equal by peeling everything else off =/
Owh yea, I thought I would include a photo of my insta-glam finger: Pretty rainbows!!!!

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