I’m Back!

The past few days have been really nerve wrecking for me!
My laptop died on me on Monday. It was always wonky but I still could find ways around it. But not this time! I spend a good hour waiting for it to go to SAFE MODE but it just would not do so! I was lucky this happened in the office though! I got my IT guy (who freelances as well) to have a look at it and he said he would have to take it in for a day or two to see what was wrong with it.
20 minutes after he took my Little Red with him he sent a text saying that the problem was with the hard disc and that he will try to save as much info as he could. 1 hour later – the truth came in – my hard disc was beyond saving! No information could be extracted. All 250GB of stuff. not.one.byte.survuved. D:
I was lucky that he was a speedy one with the computers! My Little Red came back about lunch time on Tuesday (yesterday). I immediately hooked up my external hard disc and went to work. Or so I thought I could. It seems now my hard disc was not reading on my newly formatted laptop. Once again it was IT guy to the rescue. (he is like Superman to my laptop! I shall call him Super-IT-man! LOL)
The funny thing that happened is when Mr Super-IT-man came and checked, my laptop could read the hard disc. The only problem? A window popped up and asked me to format my external hard disc. REALLY?? Imagine the horror that I felt. Super-IT-man said that there was nothing to be done. But if I really wanted to save anything on the hard disc, it would cost me RM200 for 1G. I did the math.
1Tb = Rm200,000
I was expecting this to happen actually. Just not so soon. The past few weeks before this whole technology-hates-me fiasco I have been actively extracting data from my external hard disc. It was a long and tedious process I tell you. When your hard disc doesn;t want to work even opening a folder can take up to 20minutes! Gah!
I managed to save most of the photos from the past few years. And some music too. But I did not manage to save one really important folder – the photos for this blog. I am starting from scratch again. So please bear with me while I go digging through my camera memory card to see if I managed to not delete all the photos I have taken in the past weeks!
Wish me luck!
I’ll be back real soon!

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