Jacquelline Burchell Polishes

There are two more boxes waiting to be reviewed but I thought that I should include a mid week nail post. After all this page is called Polish My Pretty Nails and not All The Beauty Boxes I Purchased!
I have 3 nail polishes for you today. These beauties are from my WonderBox which I reviewed just a few days ago. It is my first time using these polishes so I did not know what to expect but I think I rather enjoyed them.
Jacqueline Burchell is a Singapore based company (the reason why many of us have not heard of it) and boasts to have 1000 different shades of nail polish! I got 3 in my WonderBox – Amethyst, Galactic Evolution and Globular Cluster. The names sound so space-y and the colors are just the right shades to create a galaxy manicure don’t you think!
First up is Amethyst. As it’s names states, is a rich metallic purple polish. Coverage is wonderful! I am actually only wearing one coat in these photos!

Without top coat you can see that the polishes really brings out the bumps and dents on my nails. It dries to a semi matte finish too.

But once I apply top coat you can see that the polish immediately changes! When glossy, the polish becomes a gorgeous jeweled toned purple!

and, almost all the bumps and dents are not visible anymore 🙂
Next up is Galactic Evolution, a seafoam green polish. This polish wasn’t my favorite when I got the trio. But on the nail I have fallen in love with it! Aside from being really opaque (only 1 thin coat needed), it dries quite matte and actually hides the imperfections on my nails!

With top coat the Galactic Evolution really shines! It now takes on a new look altogether!

Hmm.. Galactic Evolution reminds me slightly of Seafoam by T.B.N. I will have to do a comparison to see how close they really are!
And finally – Globular Cluster – the only one of the three polishes I received which is still available on Jacqueline Burchell’s online shop! Globular Cluster is a metallic taupe polish which dries a little grainy. This was my favorite polish at first sight but I was kinda disappointed with the finish. I have not tried any of the liquid sands polishes by OPI or the pixie dusts by Zoya but I high doubt it is anything like this polish!

If this was to be a textured polish I would say that there isn’t enough gritty bits to pull it off. If it is a regular polish then I would imagine that I got a bad batch which just wasn’t shaken up enough.

I tried to hide the texture with top coat but it didn’t really work out.

Maybe I just needed a lot more top coat? But honestly, aside from the grittiness, I still do like this color! I am after all a fan of neutrals.

I was actually surprised by these polishes! Never would I have thought that they were all good to go in one coat. Defnitely a +1 for opacity!

I have 1 qualm though. These polishes smell really different from normail nail polishes. The usual nail polish-y chemical smell wasn’t there. But in place of it a strong paint smell. Not paint like the ones you use on your walls, but art paint. Poster colors to be exact! The smell doesn’t really bother me so I do not see that I would keep them hidden in my drawer for too long.

Overall, I like this colors and as I am typing this I am thinking of the different ways I could use them – especially for stamping 😀

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