February ModBox

I think I have to make this week beauty box week. The wonderful boxes all decided to come in within 7 days and I can’t wait to share them with you! I am really impressed with quite a few of them actually and it is making it hard for me to decide which to keep! Gah!
Anyways, here is my February ModBox. Guess how many products are full sized!
Can’t tell?
Well, all but one of the 5 items are full sized! And the lone sample is a deluxe sample which is 75% the volume of the full sized item! How awesome is that!
Without further ado, on to the products!
Shaire London | Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume (Dry Shampoo) (60ml/RM35.90)
This is THE ultimate all-in-one hair product!Great for in between washes, it cleanses, conditions and revitalizes your hair, and repairs and strengthens hair roots – all in one nifty little bottle. Spray on both hair and scalp, and trust us, you’ll love how soft and silky your hair feels after.
Just before receiving this box I was staring at an online shop thinking if I should add the dry shampoo in my cart. I did not, and I am glad that I did not as this little bottle of awesomeness just happened to be in my box! Unlike most dry shampoos, Shaire’s dry shampoo is actually in liquid form. At first I was skeptical but after I used it I kinda liked it! It lives up to it’s description as a Hair Perfume and makes your hair smelling really great. As for making you feeling fresh it definitely does that! I used it twice, both times just before it was hair wash day and it did me good. I immediately could feel the greasiness say bye-bye and this fresh feeling lasted a good whole day 😀
Perkins | Nail Wrap (20 strips/RM39.90)
Can’t find the time for a mani-pedi?Don’t let that deter you from having fabulous and stylish nails! Perkins Nail Wrap is a super easy way to sport glamorous nails in an instant – just peel, apply and file!
I finally own a set of nail wraps! But, as much as I love glitter… Blue isn’t really my color! I read the instructions and it seems this set is good for both a mani AND a pedi! and given that they provided you with 20 strips, you can actually do both! And judging by the length of these, anyone with short nails like me may be able to squeeze in 2 mani-pedis. *win for almost nubbins*
Juice Beauty | Cleansing Gel (RM115/200ml)
Brighten! Lighten! Tighten! Isn’t that what we all want? Now, we can have all that for our skin with this brightening cleanser which result is a more refined complexion with it’s antioxidant rich organic lemon, apple and purifying botanicals properties.
Organic Ingredients? Check! Fragrance Free? Check!
Nope I have not used this product yet but from reviews I read online it seems that this is quite a keeper! It may come off a little herb-y to some but that shows you that it is definitely organic. Makes sense? LOL. I told myself that I need to finish up whatever products I have before moving on to new ones. This item is definitely on my must-try-soon list as soon as my current cleanser runs dry!
Ohyea, by the way, this is the sample product. I actually did not realise it until I started to type out this post. For a sample, it is so well packaged! Just like the full sized item I assume.
Essence | Smokey Eyes Set in 04 Show Off (3g/RM11.90)
Smokey eyes just got easier! This handy set comes with a cream eyeliner that can be used as a base, a powder eyeshadow plus a dual ended applicator. Definitely on our must-have list for a night out!
Essence | XXXL Nudes Lipgloss in 05 Forever Rose (5ml/RM9.90)
The ultimate shine for your lips. Keep your lips shimmery and moisturized with Vitamin E and Panthenol without leaving behind a sticky feeling.
I have been searching high and low for Essence products (nail polishes especially!) but have not been so lucky. So far I know of only 2 places 1 drugstore that carries it but half the time only 10% of the nail polishes from the older range are there. When I saw these items I was super happy! One of my resolutions is to wear more make up and this definitely fits in there perfectly! The lipgloss is just nice to help me transition from almost no makeup to a bolder look! Just a hint of shimmer does the job well. The eye duo on the other hand may take me a little more time to use. I did a quick swatch of it and it (to a person who wears no eye makeup at all) seemed a little to dark for work. But I will definitely use it for parties or maybe formal events!
Do I like this box? Of course I do! I do not have to do the maths but the value of all the items in this box definitely exceeds it’s price!
Will I keep this subscription? I am really tempted to! I have one more box to go then I will make my decision. The odds are looking good though. Haha!
This is a personal review, I am in no way associated with the company or any of the brands featured here.