From the Vault: Guess the polish!

Do not ask me why I never published this! I thought that I had already published it considering I had it all typed out and this was actually my New Years DAY mani. =/ My age is definitely catching up with me.
Anyways. May I present to you my New Years Day manicure, 3 months late nonetheless!
Let me warn you beforehand though that this post is gonna be photo heavy as I took a whole lot of photos everywhere under different lighting and most importantly, the polish is just too gorgeous to not show it off!
I picked a really interesting polish combination to start my New Year! Can you guess which polishes I used?
I got this from a swap not too long ago, and as you know, I have only done one swap so far.

OK, fine. To be fair, I am wearing 2 polishes on my nails in these photos and both of them are from the same swap.


Well, the answer is – Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire over T.B.N Gorgeous Grape.
T.B.N. Gorgeous Grape is a really deep dark maroon which oftentimes look black if you don’t look too closely. Fantasy Fire, I think this polish needs no more introduction! It is a gorgeous blurple base with multichrome shimmer that shifts to red to copper to green to gold depending on what lights hit it and what color you choose as a base!
I think my choice of base color brought out the red/gold in Fantasy Fire. It just enhances and brings out the hidden red of Gorgeous Grape. Whenever the shimmer shines red, it gives the polish so.much.depth. I can’t stop staring at it!
See what I mean?
I also managed to grab a few photos that showed off the different shimmers in Fantasy Fire!
There was the elusive (for me) olive green.
And gold!
And all I had to do was turn around in circles catching the sunlight on the balcony.
I included a not-so-awesome-blurred shot to show off the sparkly quality of Fantasy Fire.

And finally – a night shot! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this! Fantasy Fire even looks gorgeous under a street light at night! I took this in the car while picking up a friend. I didn’t really notice at first but when I glanced down at my nails I was blown away and attempted a photo with my crappy camera (and succeeded to capture one good photo!).