LynB Designs – Shockingly White

I have been good and haven’t bought any nail polishes in the month of February! *gives myself a pat on the back* But I have to say the only reason I have not done so is because that I still have many untrieds from past months purchases. 😛
Today I have a lovely creme-glitter bomb from LynB Designs that I am in love with! This is Shockingly White from Jenna’s Get A Clue collection (which I have no clue what it is).
Shockingly White is a really unique polish. Unlike it’s name, it is rather an off-white-mauve-pink polish than a pure white polish. The glitters in it are *drool* gorgeous! There is a dash of shimmer and lots of pink, purple and ligh blue holo squares as well as fine glitter in it.

I only needed 3 coats to acheive opacity. The glitters came out with no problems too! What you see here was done with no fishing whatsoever!
And as usual, my right hand has more glitter on it compared to my left hand!
And since I love this polish a whole lot I am going to spam you with more photos of this mani after the jump!

I love how much depth this polish has layered upon itself.

And it all looks so delicate and fine on my nails. I am thinking to add some nail art to it but I really do not know what to do to bring out this polish :/

One really dark shot of the polish. The base color looks wrong here but you can see all the different kinds of glitter in it! some squares are even showing it’s holo side!

Come back tomorrow to see what I have done! (or failed to do :S)

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