January Lilac Box

One more beauty box arrived to me last week! I wasn’t expecting it anytime soon because when I signed up they weren’t up and ready just yet. I think I even made payment without realising what I was doing. #fail
What better way to describe the box but to show you in their own words right?
When I was opening the box I was expecting a lilac colored box ala modbox but boy was I surprised that the only thing that was lilac was the bow on the box. Nice twist guys!

Well, the lilac theme does continue on in the box with a lilac interior and wrappings.

On to the products:

In the box: a mini Decléor Aroma Cleanse duo, the Roberto Cavalli frangrance body lotion, a maXfactor LE nailfinity nail polish in Boji, sample packs of Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow, a RM50 voucher for hair services from Centro Hair Salon and Kérastase shampoo and conditioner.

So far I have already tried out the Roberto Cavali perfumed lotion and *ahhhh* I love it! 

OK. One thing that was a bit frustrating for me – there wasn’t a list of descriptions for the products. I shall see how good I am with Google to find out more about these products.


Roberto Cavali | Perfumed Body Lotion (150ml/$45)

Addictive, sensual and radiant. The Roberto Cavalli perfume belongs to the floral chypre family. It is an exuberant and sunny fragrance whose top notes, lit by pink peppers, exude a genuine strength of character. Vibrant and sensual, it exhilarates and mesmerizes from the very first contact. Some women wait for the world to move them. She moves the world and makes heads turn. Sexy, sophisticated, she turns her excesses into elegance. She is the Roberto Cavalli woman.

I love this fragrance. I am no expert but it has a musky touch to it. As it’s description, this fragrance is definitely one sexy sensual perfume. I do not have any perfume like this in my little perfume stash. It is definitely a chance from my usual bubbly and fruity choices.

Max Factor | Nail Polish in Boji (£3.99)
Always get tough on your nail polish! There’s no excuse for chipped or flaked nail colour thanks to Nailfinity. Unlike other long-lasting polishes it clings to them giving a lustrous, freshly applied look day after day, no matter what life throws at you. Work, shop, party or hit the gym with the confidence your nail colour can stand up to the challenge!
Nail polish in beauty boxes are definitely a win for me. LOL. But hey, it is a neutral-ish polish. One of my favorite colors for nail polishes. Boji is a taupe color with hints of purple in it. If I do have to compare this with what I have, I would say that this is a warmer version of e.l.f. Dessert Haze.
Burberry | Fresh Glow (1oz/RM150)
Burberry Fresh Glow is a lightweight, luminous fluid base that gives the skin a gentle fresh shimmer and sheer dewy finish. The unique pink color complements all skin tones and enhances the complexion for an effortlessly radiant, healthy look. The beautifying formula contains wild rose extract, which provides moisturizing benefits and regenerating properties. The skin is hydrated, protected and has a natural healthy glow.
This sounds like a BB cream to me. I am really interested to try this out but I will have to work my way through my opened tube of BB cream first! No wastage yo!
Decléor | Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk (200ml/$39)
This light and silky emulsion with Neroli Essential Oil (used in Hydra Floral) promotes hydration. It softens and soothes thanks to Sweet Almond Oil. Its fresh and sparkling fragrance awakens the senses.
Decléor | Aroma Cleanse Essential tonifying Lotion  (200ml/$27)
As the second step for cleansing All Skin Types, Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion has a fresh and colorful fragrance that leaves skin soft and fresh, without tightness. It improves the effectiveness of make-up removal, while nourishing and awakening the skin.
They look so cute!! I haven’t tried it yet but I did take a whiff of the products and I do like the scent it has. Yes, I am a sucker for things that smell nice. It is my weakness along side glittery stuff and anything with dogs on it.
Kérastase Resistance | Bain Force Architecte (80ml/$16)
Daily, reconstructing shampoo for weakened to very damaged hair.
Kérastase Resistance | Ciment Anti-Usure (75ml/$19)
Daily conditioner to strengthen weakened to very damaged hair.
I am lucky that my hair isn’t really damaged. My biggest problem is that my hair is kinda flat and oily. I do like that this shampoo claims that it rebuilds and strengthens hair fibers and helps prevent breakage and split ends with patented Intra-Cylane®. Anything that says strong hair I will try!
*phew* That is one really long wordy post. But I have one more thing to add!
This note came along in the box. Check out the very last line.
This box was put together by 3 guys. Yes, GUYS! I think for guys they really did a good job! I probably should send my boyfriend to learn some tips and tricks from them! JK!
I think this box was definitely worth the RM35 I paid. The shampoo dup and nail polishes were full (kinda) sized mind you!
If you are interested, stalk the guys at their Facebook page or hop on to their website to sign up for this beauty box!

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