January 2013 modbox

This month is a month of subscription boxes. I went crazy and signed myself up to 3 different subscriptions late one night in December after seeing all their really cool December boxes! I was not crazy enough to go 12 months on all of them. I only with the minimum subcription of each box (one to three months in general).
Well, the first of all the boxes to arrive was modbox. It came in a sturdy little lilac box with white tissue paper and a bright yellow ribbon. I am intrigued by their color choice, lilac and yellow. Weird but interesting I guess.
The first thing I saw when I picked up the card was a RM20 cash voucher! Sweet! The box also had a nice delicate scent coming from it. I knew I had to find the source of that scent as soon as I caught a whiff of it!

Here are all the products lined up nicely.


From L-R: Cellinique Skin Action Sebum Gel, SANTE Naturkosmetik Body Lotion in Acai Energy, Kiss Me Heroin Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner, My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask and a small bar of Claire Organics Handmade Organic Soap in Verbana and Avocado Oil.

Cellinique | Skin Action Sebum Gel (RM159/30ml)

Say goodbye to those pesky blackheads and whiteheads! This sebum gel packs a punch with its phyto bio-engineering formulation gel, controlling skin congestion and reducing blackheads to leave you with clearer, smoothing skin.

Interesting. My blackheads are actually not that obvious (Thank God!) but I can’t wait to try this. After I am done with my little test drive of the Human Nature skin care I purchased not too long ago. It’s going well so far!
SANTE Naturkosmetik | Body Lotion in Acai Energy (RM19.90/150ml)

Pamper your skin after a long day with SANTE’s organic nourishing body lotion. Complete with harmonising and memorable scent, it features precious organic camellia oil that is bound to leave your skin feeling irresistibly smooth and soft.

I had a go at this product and I love it! I used it in the morning the other day and the scent lasted throughout the day! The scent was really interesting. I found the scent rather fruity, almost like a fruit cake! My mom on the other hand said it smells like melted butter 😐 Fun scnet aside, it was really moisturising to boot!
Kiss Me | Heroin Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner (RM19.90/2.5g)

Voted by you as a must-have-can’t-leave-home-without-it item! This long-lasting waterproof eyeliner will take you through an entire day of sweat, tears and rubbing.

 Long lasting it definitely is! Whenever I wear mascara or eyeliner it is bound to smudge and make me look like I have panda eyes! Not this eyeliner! I wore it for a whole day and it still looked like I just put it on! A defnite winner from this box!
My Beauty Diary | Bulgarian White Rose Mask (RM39.90/box of 10)

Brighten up your skin before a big night out! With white rose hydrosol and kiwi essence, this mask instatly whitens and hydrates skin to give you that radiant glow.

Big day where are you? LOL. I have heard that My Beauty Diary masks are really good but have yet to try them for myself. Maybe one day soon I’ll finally get to them and give you a proper review here.
Claire Organics | Handmade Organic Soap suitable for face and body (RM16-23/~100g)

Feel luxuriously moisturised with the homemade goodness of Claire Organic’s soaps. Made only from fresh and natural high quality ingredients such as organic virgin olive oil and essential oils, each soap is manually cut and carefully cured for 45 days.

This was the source of the scent of the box! I am eager to try it but have to wait another day to do that. If you look at my shower now you can see that I have 5 types of body products just sitting there. As much as some people do not like soaps I actually love them. I use them when after a hot, sweaty day and it does the job just right!
I am really impressed with modbox and the products in the January box. There were 2 full sized items (body lotion and eyeliner) and those alone made up for the whole RM28 I paid for this box!
I am definitely thinking if I should renew my monthly subscription of this box. Considering that I have 3 more boxes on the way I definitely have to pick from the best and only keep 2 or maybe just one of them.
So far, this looks like a winner!