A first look at Splash Nail Polish

I recently came across this new brand of nail polish, Splash, and decided to give them a go. I have never heard of them before I bought them and a google search did not give me much results. I of course was hesitant at first but now I dare say I am a convert!
I picked up 3 Splash polishes the other day, a color, a glitter and a glow in the dark polish! I am going to show you the glitter polish today!
This is 44. Yup. It’s just a number like most Korean nail polishes! But despite the not so auspicious number, 44 is a really cool glitter! 44 is a clear polish packed with multiple sizes of pastel opal and iridescent glitters as well as larger hex glitters. It reminds me ever so slightly of China Glaze’s Snow Globe.
 I did a gradient of 44 over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and I thought it was really cool. The grey-white of My Boyfriend Scales Walls against the blue/purple glow of 44 is just so magical. Like snow on my fingertips!
Surprisingly glitter coverage was really good for this polish considering it was in a mini bottle! I did not have to fish around, not even for the bigger hex glitters.
I am thinking to purchase more of the Splash polishes in the near future. Maybe I may stock up on them and host a giveaway again?

What do you think? Yay or nay?

2 thoughts on “A first look at Splash Nail Polish

  1. Where did you find this polish? I’ve been googling for the perfect Iridescent glitter polish and want to try this one!! Thanks!

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