A first look at Splash Nail Polish

I recently came across this new brand of nail polish, Splash, and decided to give them a go. I have never heard of them before I bought them and a google search did not give me much results. I of course was hesitant at first but now I dare say I am a convert!
I picked up 3 Splash polishes the other day, a color, a glitter and a glow in the dark polish! I am going to show you the glitter polish today!
This is 44. Yup. It’s just a number like most Korean nail polishes! But despite the not so auspicious number, 44 is a really cool glitter! 44 is a clear polish packed with multiple sizes of pastel opal and iridescent glitters as well as larger hex glitters. It reminds me ever so slightly of China Glaze’s Snow Globe.
 I did a gradient of 44 over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and I thought it was really cool. The grey-white of My Boyfriend Scales Walls against the blue/purple glow of 44 is just so magical. Like snow on my fingertips!
Surprisingly glitter coverage was really good for this polish considering it was in a mini bottle! I did not have to fish around, not even for the bigger hex glitters.
I am thinking to purchase more of the Splash polishes in the near future. Maybe I may stock up on them and host a giveaway again?

What do you think? Yay or nay?