Pink, White and Blue!

This is an old manicure which I never came around to post because the photos aren’t as awesome as I would like them to be.
This was a super early attempt of a skittlette mani which I did. I did not include any glitterbomb accent nail but I like it all the same 🙂
I love Cotton Candy very much and always wanted to wear it again but with all the new polishes I keep getting in the mail, it was kinda forgotten. I finally took this baby out and told myself – you must use this polish NOW! With that in mind I quickly picked out 2 the blue and pink to play off the glitters in Cotton Candy.

I think the combination, though a little simple, is still really cool. From far, many people have asked how I dotted the blue and pink on the white! LOL

And finally, the finger where Cotton Candy applied the best – my right thumb!

I used:
Cotton Candy by 365 Days of Color
No Room for the Blues by OPI
It’s Hot Pink by OPI