Darling Diva Polish – Witchy Woman

It’s about time I posted about my lucky win at Naked Without Polish don’t you think!
The first polish I have today  is Witchy Woman by Darling Diva Polish. Witchy Woman is a black jelly based packed with different sizes of multi colored rainbow glitters!

Application of Witchy Woman was easy peasy! All the glitters came out nicely in one swipe. No dabbing required!

I love how the glitters are in Witchy Woman. I don’t know about you but it reminds me of corals under water.

It wore quite well too! What you see here is actually photos of the manicure on it’s third day. Aside from the little chip on my middle finger from opening a can of Coke, all is well.
As soon as I got this polish I knew I wanted to layer this over Cult Nails Time Traveler. This is Time Traveler at just ONE coat! Look at how opaque and deep the color is!
Ahh! I just realised why the polished chipped a little! This manicure is only 2 coats + top coat!

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