First Nail Mail(s) of 2013!

You know your year is gonna be great when you get nail mail on the first day 🙂
First up nail mail from 365 Days of Color!
I got the Christmas grab bag for just $15 during one of the 12days of offers from Sunny! *Yay* In it came a full sized Mrs Claus (limited edition polish which only came with the grab bag) and Killer Kiss from the Toxic Love Collection, a mini Gimme Some Bubbly from the Holiday Collection. Sunny also included a mini miracle balm in Victorian Christmas, some Christmas themed stickers and candy canes (not pictured).
Next up, my order from Llarowe!
From L-R: Smitten Polish Glass Elevator, Hare Magic Mist and Heat Plague, Crowstoes Frogs Breath and Hell Hath No Fury and Girly Bits Black Eyed Susan
I grabbed this babies during one of the flash sales that Leah Ann had. These were all from the Going, Going, Gone section. If I remember correctly I got a 30% discount on these beauties!
And last but definitely not least – my order from LynBDesign.
From the back (L-R) : Shockingly White, Sassy Snow Pants, Marvin Gardens, The Envy of Mr GreenWater Works, Boardwalk Empire and Improbable Truths
In the front : Ghostlike Charm and Reindeer Games
I knew I had to have these polishes when I saw swatches of them popping up on nail polish blogs but when I checked on Jenna’s etsy shop, she did not ship outside of the US. I tried my luck and asked Jenna about shipping overseas and she said yes! 😀
Are you wondering why I am showing you only the back of these bottles? Well, the reason is because that some of these bottles do not have labels. Read on to find out why!

I had a broken bottle in my package from Jenna!

I did not think too much when I could smell nail polish when I got my packages. I would always panic before but have learnt to be calm until I open the package to avoid unnecessary stress. Looks like I was really unlucky this time! 😦
The polishes were stuck together so well that I was scared to take them apart fearing another bottle may break. You can see that the neck of Houses and Hotels broke right off and is just hanging on the edge of the bottle.
40 minutes and a lot of acetone later, i finally got the other bottles cleaned up. I had to remove the labels of 3 of 5 bottles because they were too covered in glitter to save. I left the label on Marvin Garden on but I think I may go back and remove it.
I have contacted Jenna about this situation and she gladly offered to give me a refund for the broken polish. As much as I would love a replacement bottle, I remember reading that shipping rates have gone up this year for International packages.
But you know what, I am glad only one bottle broke in transit from the US. Although I was thinking to use a few polishes from here as a giveaway prize, with the missing labels maybe I may put it off. But I am really sad that Houses and Hotels broke. It was one that I was looking forward to the most! Maybe next time I can grab it from someone off a blog sale! *fingers crossed*

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