Should I…?

For the past few days I have read many indie nail polish makers saying that they might stop shipping internationally because of the price hike.

Apparently, USPS is going to push up the price by a whopping 60% (or was it 70%).

So, my question now is:

Should I splurge on nail polish this month and go on a super duper long International No-Buy until the next Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale?

What do you think?


Failed Ombre

I decided to do an ombre manicure the other day. I picked these polishes to do the job.
I know it looks really odd here but I did swatch them on a piece of paper and this was the best combination for an omber manicure… or so I though!
When I painted them on my nails this is what I got :

No ombre and, OMG, can the colors be any more different?! I thought that they were all purple-ish but it seems I have a nice bronzy color hiding there.

The bright side of this manicure is that I have tried out all these polishes and I can say their formula is wonderful across the board! I believe I used 2 coats for all of them.
The little bald spot on my ring finger was caused by user error. While I was cleaning up I accidentally got some cotton on my finger nail. Boohoo. This little mistake though reaaaaaaally bad, actually brought out the maroon/red in this polish. Interesting huh!
So I have a question here, which polish do you girls want to see as a full mani? Do let me know and I will try my best to get it up ASAP! 🙂