Goodies from Australia!

My parents recently went to Australia and came back with these goodies for me 😀
Colour by T.B.N Lilac, Sea Foam and Stevealicious, ulta3 spring break, sweet violet and lagoon, NYC crazy and T.B.N Berry Blush
When I told my mom to look out for nail polishes in Australia and probably grab a few for me she was kind of hesitant. Well, it is because in her mind nail polishes are expensive.
I was at work when my mom came back and she did not tell me anything about her purchases for me. So imagine the joy when I came in my room to find a small bag with 4 polishes in them. I was literally beaming! When I went to thank my parents, they were like – What 4 polishes? We bought you 8 bottles of nail polish! I was ecstatic!
My mom’s choice in colors were much different from what I would pick. She did call and ask me what I would like, but not knowing much about color choices there I told her to just pick what she thought was nice.
ulta3 spring breaksweet violet and lagoon, NYC crazy
One thing my mom managed to do was to pick colors that were new to what I had at the time that she left. Yup, I recently got similar colors from an Aussie Swap. Talk about coincidence!
T.B.N Berry BlushColour by T.B.N LilacSea Foam and Stevealicious

Though they are similar they aren’t exactly the same. I shall post a comparison post one day! I am thinking to go out and grab a nail wheel for that. Fingers crossed that I can do that by the end of this week!

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