Saran Wrapped!

I’m back with the mani I did yesterday! Which means – I did not screw up! Haha
I have been seeing the saran-wrap (cling-wrap) marbling around quite a bit recently. To be honest, I tried it a few times and it wasn’t pretty – literally. But when I receive two polishes from Faces of Australia (Calypso Gold and Let’s Go Scuba Diving) from Faces of Australia.from a swap recently, I knew that I had to try it again! The two polishes look gorgeous next to each other I am sure they would look good together!

There are two ways to do the saran-wrap marble. The first is to paint the base color and paint the secondary color on after the base color has dried. before the second color has time to dry, quickly dab the saran-wrap on the nail, picking up the second layer of polish as you go.

This is what that looked like:

I liked it but I did not love it. I found that Calypso Gold covered up too much of the teal below. So method 2 it is!

This time I just blobbed a dot of Calypso Gold on some paper and use a scrunched up foil and pick up some polish and stamped it on my nails. This I liked better so I continued on all my nails 🙂

I tried taking some sun shots but somehow the sun was hiding the gold accents on my nails.

Until I turned around and had my back to the sun, this is what I managed to capture!

Foil-y Goodness! 😀

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