Birthday Prezzies!

November is over and these are my lovely presents I got this year!
I think my friends and family decided that I should go blue this year! LOL

The blue dress is from my parents. They got this while they went on a short trip to Australia recently. It is an interesting piece. It has lace detailing on the neckline while the rest of the dress is soft and flowy. Just like the delicate flower prints on it!
The next blue item is a bag from one of my close friends! She included a note with it and it reads ‘This is not black but I hope it goes with all your black items!’ Yea, I think I do have a problem with black clothing. I rearranged my wardrobe the other day and realised that almost 30% of my tops are black. Lets not talk about shoes and dresses. LOL
The small items in the photo is a VS Fall Runway Eyes eye make-up kit from a colleague, a box of really nice chocolates and a red packet from my brothers. Not pictured in this photo was a box of macarons from my brother’s girlfriend which  I have already had half of. LOL!
Last but definitely not least is a present from my lovely boyfriend. That little box in the top of the photo It is a  Fossil Wallace Rose Gold Glitz. I looove it!! It is classy yet casual at the same time!
Although it may not seem like a lot but I am definitely one lucky girl! I have friends and family who love me and that’s what matters most! 🙂

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