DDDino-mite Yoshi

I got 2 polishes in this post today. From the title of this post, one of the polishes is dead easy to guess which. But anyone wanna take a jab at the second? *hint – I recently got it from a grab bag*
*Please excuse the band-aid. I accidentally closed my room door on my fingers a few days ago and it isn’t pretty. Although it was only a bad bruise and maybe a small surface cut, I almost passed out from the pain more than once. D:*
Isn’t this combination gorgeous? I especially love the contrast of the yellow and green glitters of Dollish Polish Dino-Mite Yoshi against the orangey base color! Unfortunately this base color hides the red square glitter a little bit. Owh! Anyone can guess what it is yet?
The base polish changes a lot depending on what light it is under and the addition of Dino-mite Yoshi makes that change even more obvious! I believe that it is the fine gold and red fine glitters which are the cause of this!

If you look at the first 3 close up photos here, you can see that the colors are all different and is actually getting darker! The first of the 3 you can see a hint of neon in it, and in the photo above you can see that it is leaning more towards red. Finally the photo below it has turned into a coppery orange.
It also turns to a nice orange-y base under my bedroom lights.
These two (top and bottom) photos were taken not more than 2 minutes apart!

The polish generally looks like this most of the time since I spend most of my time in the office.
Any guesses on the base color yet?
It is Sally Hansen Three-D from the (older?) HD line! Get it? 3-D – DDDino-mite Yoshi??It is an amazing polish! It applied flawlessly and it had so many color shifts I made sure I looked at it every 10 minutes to see if it had changed. 😛

I took quite a few photos in various lighting – some came out quite grainy but the colors are all different so I’ll post them all after the jump!

I even spied some fine glitters on my fingers!! I am very sure it wasn’t from anything I had used before!
It is definitely Three-D like it’s name sake! How to not love this polish right?

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