piCture pOlish – Monroe

It’s fall! I have never travelled to a country during Fall but I have a feeling I would like it! I love the leaves turning colors, from green to red, to yellow and finally brown! Then there is the elusive pumpkin (in Malaysia)! I love pumpkins and pumpkin pies but I can never find any in the restaurants and cafes in Malaysia.
OK. I should really stop here! On to the polish!
I decided to break out an awesome Fall-esque polish for today – piCture pOlish Monroe (the first!)
This is the older, discontinued version of Monroe which I got quite some time ago. I was always hesitant to use it as I was afraid that the polish would be too dark for me. I stand corrected now!! This is a gorgeous polish!!

Monroe is a gorgeous wine jelly with hidden holographic glitters in it! I am wearing two coats in these photos. Funnily, it looks quite streaky here. IRL I did not notice the streaks at all.

The holographic glitter ain’t easy to coax out with my camera. I tried going really close to the light.

Took a blur photo.

Took some photos with flash. (getting closer here!!)

*rawr* glitters comw out!!

And finally, I stood really close to the light and used flash. This was the best shot to show you that the glitters really do exist!!

I actually even tried sun shots of Monroe but the color changed sooooooo much it’s funny. It looks really cool this way too!

Anyone out there has any good tricks for me?

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