Birthday Nails!!

I decided to go super cutesy for my birthday! My polish of choice is Funfetti by Sunny from 365 Days of Color!
I got this color recently. Right after my no buy actually! I am really surprised that this polish came to me just in time for my birthday! *big smiles!*
I always loved this color but never brought myself to get it because it had bar glitter in it. I am not a big fan of bar glitter so I would avoid it whenever I can. But this polish I have in my hand is a new formulation of Funfetti! This has all the same glitters in it minus the bars. How perfect is that for me right?!
Anyways, the photos below are 3 coats of Funfetti on it’s on. It went on quite smoothly and the glitter came out easily. No need for fishing for glitter here! 

Do you notice any difference in my photos today??

Do you see it now??

The first photo is taken in the shade under indirect sunlight and the second photo was taken in my boyfriends house under this new standing light that they have! I was alone in the hall and had nothing to do so I just switched it on and took some photos. To my surprise the photos came out lovely! Way better than usually do in fact! Maybe I should save up and get one of these lamps as well.. Hmm.. Have to go find out the price of it first.

I love the variety of this polish. None of my fingers looks the same. Of course I had a favourite!

My favorite nail from this mani – my middle finger! With the two square glitters, it really stands out. Like an accidental accent nail!

And as usual, my left hand with a lot more glitters! The ring finger has a huge brown hex glitter as an ‘accent’ again.

One more photo for the road!
*I am so in love with this lighting!*

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