Essie – Shine of Times

It’s Monday again. *boohoo*
To make my Monday more interesting, I decided to go with a mesmerizing manicure to keep me distracted if Monday blues did hit me. It was a toss between Essie’s Shine of Times or OPI’s Teenage Dreams. I went with Shine of Times for it’s, erm. neutral look of the two. Haha!
Shines of Times came out in 2011 under Essie’s Luxeeffects line and I am loving it! I almost did not get it when I saw Luxe and Lush from the CG Hunger Games collection came out. L&L was out of stock when I got this from NailFiesta ages ago! No regrets now!

On bare nails, Shines of Times shifts from pink to orangey to gold, yellow and even green in different lights! The first photo in this post shows it flashing green and the photo right above shows it leaning to the pink-oragey side!

Above is one that shows off the yellow/goldness of the flakies and below… POW! Golden goodness!
It even shows up well in low light! *please please ignore the text in the photo! I REALLY did not notice what was on the page when I took this photo!*
I even have a short video of this polish hoping that I can show you the shifts of this polish. Hopefully you can play it! I was having some problem playing it back just now =/
What do you think of this polish? Would you wear it bare like I did or do you prefer it layered over something?
*rawr* says the claw with the very stained nails!
** It’s my birthday tomorrow!! **

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