Llarowe Haul

My package from Llarowe came finally!! I got 4 polishes this time. All from different brands as you can see 🙂
From L-R: Dollish Pollish Dino-mite YoshiMelonball – a Llarowe exclusive by Candeo Colors, Girly Bits Indian Summer from the third installment of the Calender Girls series and Glitter Food (Fix-a-flat) from Nail Pattern Boldness
Bottle shots after the jump!

I’ve been lemming Dino-mite Yoshi since I saw it from the launch many months ago. It’s from Dollish Polish’s Mario Series. Although I do not play much games, be it computer games or on consoles, I will always remember playing Mario games when I was younger. I loved using Yoshi in those games, it jumped higher and moved faster than just little Mario! This color combination really does remind me of Yoshi. It is also quite festive with the green, gold and red no?
I picked up Melonball because I fell in love with the swatch on Llarowe’s website. I did not really google for other images. When I got this polish I found that it was more pink then I expected. Oh wells! It still is a pretty polish though. It dries matte too!! I need to use this to see how that goes.
I couldn’t resist Indian Summer from Girly Bits! The color and glitter combination just drew me in when I saw swatches from it by Pam. The periwinkle jelly base with copper, pink gold and blue glitter is all just too pretty to not have 🙂 And although my birthday is in November, I grabbed this instead of Crunchy Leaves. I know I will regret that one day but for now let me stay mesmerized by Indian Summer.

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