Random Random Facts

Random Fact #1: My hair is 24 inches long from root to tip
Yup, it’s THAT long!
I actually kept it long because I wanted to donate it to some non-profit organization like Locks of Love to be made into a wig for cancer patients. When I just found out about it, my hair was only 8 inches long from nape to the end of my ponytail so I didn’t really do any research then.
Fast forward 2 months, my hair is finally of length (10 inches is the minimum for Locks of Love)! After much google-ing and searching all over the internet, I found out that there is not even one organisation in Malaysia that collects hair to make wigs.
Now 6 months and another 4 inches later I still have not been able to find anyone that collects hair. I’ve even asked my hairdresser about it and he told me this, “The only people that collect hair are those bomohs (witch doctors)” Obviously I am not going to give my hair to any witch doctor!!
After much thought and a lot of research, I think I am just going to cut my hair short. At this length, hair-fall is crazy! I take a tissue and drag it along the floor in my room at least twice a day and everytime I find a handful of hair there. Not.Fun.At.All 😦
I would probably cut it down by 6 or 7 inches and hopefully in the next year or so when my hair is long enough I would be able to find somewhere to donate it to!


I don’t know how long I’ll keep this Random Facts Series up and running. After re-reading the whole thing, this first post seems more like a post for me to vent or, if possible, have someone in the wig making industry to contact me on this issue *fingers crossed*

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