Samurai Dove!

I have an awesome polish to show you guys today. But before I proceed, I would like to apologize for my poor cuticles. Ever since I got back from the island my skin has been really dry, just shy from peeling to be honest. I am trying my best with lotions and balms to keep things moisturized but it seems I need to bump it up a notch.
Okay. With that out of the way, let me show you this pretty polish I got from Sonnetarium not too long ago. Anyone can guess what it is from the title of this post?
It’s the awesome black and white glitter – Samurai Princess!! I mentioned in my previous post that I only bought this polish because I caved in to the B&W glitter trend which everyone was talking about. I do not regret getting this now! Not one bit!
Samurai Princess is filled with small and medium sized hex glitters, bars and a dash of super fine round glitters. Coverage with this polish is quite good. All I used is 2 thin coats is the photo above. The photo below is one coat PS over 2 coats Zoya Dove. You can see that there is a decent amount of glitter on the nail, and quite a variety too!
I added another thin layer of glitter in the photo below. The coverage is much better with no bald spots. It looks like the pinky has a huge spot with no glitter but, in fact, it is covered in glitter – small white ones.
And somehow, almost everytime I use a glitter polish to paint my nails, my dominant hand always looks better. Go figure!
The brush in my botthe wasn’t perfect with a few strands of the brush sticking out on the side. It didn’t cause me any trouble and could be made to join the rest of the bristles by wiping the side of the bottle when taking the brush out.
And a few shots of Zoya Dove on its own.
Artificial light
Shade, indirect sun
Polishes from Sonnetarium can be bought from their Etsy Shop HERE. Remember to follow them on Facebook for updates and offers!

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