No Buy October

Yup! I am going on a No-Buy this October! I just went through my PayPal account and my email and realise I still have at least 3 packages in transit from the US of A and another from Singapore. Hoho

It seems that this pattern repeats itself every few months. I soo need to watch what I am buying. LOL!

So my No-Buy rules for myself:

NO buying nail polishes online, in store or from swaps
NO buying any stamping plates and the like
NO buying glitter and rhinestones and studs
NO buying anymore hand creams/cuticle balms/cuticle oil

and some non-polish related No-Buys:

NO buying make up whatsoever
NO buying more shoooeesss! D:
NO buying bags
NO buying casual clothing

and of course I have to be logical and have a Low-Buy section for myself!

LOW buying for nail art brushes. Or rather, NO buy for nail art brushes unless the ones I have desperately needs to be replaced.
LOW buying for top coats and base coats. Hopefully what I have can last me the next few months!
For my Low-Buys, if I do buy, I think I would hit the local shops first to avoid loss on exchange rates and shipping
I guess what I am asking of myself isn’t too much right? It’s just a month. Right?
Anyone else want to join me in my quest to not spending much this month?

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