Lemon Fizz + RH A Little Kindness

Lets start off with my base color. This is China Glaze’s Lemon Fizz from the Up & Away Collection 2010. It is a pale summery yellow which in some lights look like an awesome Spongebob-y color to me! ūüėõ
Indirect Sunlight
Direct Sunlight
Since I still have a few polishes from Rainbow Honey’s Equestria Collection that I haven’t tried yet, I choose to layer ¬†A Little Kindness¬†on Lemon Fizz.¬†A Little Kindness is packed with gold, rose and white glitters suspended in a sheer yellow base with pink¬†iridescent¬†shimmer. I was thinking that since it had a yelow base, it would be perfect to layer this on yellow to bring it out even more. I guessed right didn’t I! And considering my not-too-awesome photography skills, you can still catch a glimpse of the pink shimmer in the base in these photos! *yay*
This was 2 coats of RH A Little Kindess over 3 coats CG Lemon Fizz.
More shots of this lovely polish after the jump!

This was taken in the evening sun as was the photo above. I noticed that the evening sun gives my nails a softer look and the color is more accurate too!
I dont know what happened here but I believe this was under a fluorescent light! This is the first time the base color changed so drastically under a different light!
And to end it all, a photo taken while waiting for a friend in the car. The book in the background is 50 shades of grey. Yes, I got caught in all the hype.

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